Amwell Launches Comprehensive Behavioral Health Program


What You Should Know:

– Digital care delivery company Amwell launches Amwell Comprehensive Behavioral Health Programan evidence-based, comprehensive and scalable behavioral health solution that can be tailored to meet specific population needs across the full spectrum of care.

– Designed to address the growing mental health crisis, the Amwell program enables payers and providers to deliver integrated solutions including virtual therapy and psychiatry, coaching, and digital mental health programs with personalized experiences to address various severities and preferences of care delivery.

Amwell Comprehensive Behavioral Health Program

One in five adults in the US experiences mental illness, and 60% of US counties do not have a single psychiatrist within their borders. The crisis has worsened in recent years with 41% of adults reporting anxiety or depression symptoms during the pandemic. The cost of behavioral healthcare is a rising challenge for payers and providers today. With the majority of high-cost individuals (the 10% of individuals who account for 70% of total healthcare costs) having a behavioral health condition, this solution can significantly impact a major aspect of the operational goals of healthcare organizations.

The Amwell Comprehensive Behavioral Health Program combines the digital cognitive behavioral health programs of SilverCloud® Health, the digital mental health company Amwell acquired last year, with virtual care provided by therapists and psychiatrists from Amwell clinical partner, Amwell Medical Group (AMG). Members undergo individual evaluations and can receive self-guided and coach-supported care and be seamlessly referred into virtual therapy and psychiatry as needed. With over 93% satisfaction rates and up to 80% of users reported decreased depression and anxiety symptoms using SilverCloud Health, health plans can rest assured that their members are receiving clinically excellent care and can brand and use the program as part of their own digital offerings. .

The Amwell Comprehensive Behavioral Health Program builds on the Amwell suite of behavioral health offerings and its commitment to evidence-based solutions across the care continuum. The recently launched SilverCloud Health Family Support Suite, addresses a wide spectrum of family mental health concerns for new parents, teenagers and children. In addition, Amwell Psychiatric Care provides acute psychiatric care and psychiatric clinical support in the emergency department, meeting a core access need in the provider space.

“Increased demand for behavioral healthcare and a growing shortage of clinicians is resulting in a crisis that is driving worse outcomes and higher costs for the entire healthcare industry,” said Dr. Ido Schoenberg, Chairman and CEO, Amwell. “This new program significantly expands our digital care delivery infrastructure and enhances our ability to accelerate our customers’ goals to meet the needs of their patients and members, while enabling them to close important gaps in care. Scalable across large networks, the program provides access to much needed behavioral healthcare across in person, virtual and automated care settings. ”

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