Alphabet’s Verily + L’Oréal Partner to advance precision skin health


What you should know:

– Today, from the Alphabet For real, world leader in personalized medicine, i L’Oréal, a world leader in beauty, joined forces to lead a new era of precision skin health.

– The first such association in the beauty industry aims to break down barriers to dermatology care and bring new knowledge to dermatologists that can help improve the health outcomes of nearly two billion people in everyone with skin problems.

The strategic partnership addresses the needs not covered in dermatology

One in three Americans suffers from skin health problems and many do not have access to a dermatologist, despite the crucial role they play in understanding a person’s health and the aging process. The Verily-L’Oréal association will look for ways to address the unmet need in dermatology worldwide through two main programs:

– Perform one of the largest and deepest skin cohort studies in the world to establish a 360-degree view of skin health, decoding and discovering the links between factors such as biology, nutrition, lifestyle and age.

– Explore the development of new technologies and telediagnostic solutions such as AI sensors and algorithms for dermatology and skin care, which may form the basis of new services.

“We are delighted to partner with Verily, a world leader in precision healthcare technology. L’Oréal’s centennial commitment to pioneering innovation stems from our strong belief in the intersection of science, formulations and our capabilities. unique advanced research to decode revolutionary scientific discoveries that will create the future of beauty, ”says Nicolas Hieronimus, CEO. , L’Oréal Group. “Thanks to this partnership, we want to lead a new era of skin health, through technology and science, to enable every person in the world the most inclusive, personalized, powerful and accurate programs for their skin in every stage of his life “.

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