Allergy treatment is crucial if your child has asthma


If your child has allergies and asthma, it is essential to treat allergies to prevent asthma from getting worse as they spend more time outdoors, says one expert.

“It’s a time when, after a winter, we’re all hooked up indoors, the kids want to go out to play, but the weather is a little variable,” Dr. Corey Martin, pediatric pulmonologist at Herman & Walter Samuelson Children’s Hospital in Sinai, Baltimore. “It may tend to get a little warmer, but it still has those cold stretches. Plus, there’s more pollen in the air right now. All of these are asthma triggers.”

Children with Martin is two to seven times more likely to develop asthma later.

Symptoms of allergy may include runny nose or congestion, sneezing, itching or watery eyes, and generalized itching or hives.

The severity can vary but uncontrolled allergies in one with asthma can cause more severe asthma. Martin said they would be more likely to wake up at night with asthma symptoms and may need more medication to control their asthma.

In a study, with asthma it was reported that uncontrolled allergies interfered with sleep, concentration at school, enjoyment of social activities, and participation in sports.

If you think your child has allergies, especially if he or she has asthma, Martin suggested that you consult your primary care provider, who may refer you tests.

There are several triggers: pollen, dust mites, pets, pollution, insects in the home, fungal spores and cold air, among others.

“It’s important to identify your child’s specific allergens, because you know what can be prevented and what should simply be controlled,” Martin said in a LifeBridge Health press release.

If allergies are confirmed, your doctor may discuss appropriate treatments, including inhaled steroids and / or oral and nasal antihistamines.

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