Alexa, can you call my nurse? Amazon will create Vocera Skill for Alexa


What you should know:

– Vocera announced a partnership with Amazon to offer Vocera’s ability for Alexa. This HIPAA compliant solution provides an easy, personal, and direct way for hospitalized patients and elderly care residents to connect with their caregivers and more.

– Through the hands-free Spokesperson skill, Alexa clarifies the nature of patients ’requests, establishes urgency, and updates the patient on the state of the care team’s response in a personalized and conversational manner. Spokesperson skill for Alexa provides verbal updates to patients on the status of each request.

Vocera Communications, Inc. (NYSE: VCRA), a leader in clinical communications and workflow solutions, announced that it was collaborating with Amazon to build one Spokesperson skill for Alexa. The skill leverages a set of Alexa Smart Properties technologies and will be HIPAA-friendly for healthcare customers.

Spokesperson Skill for Alexa advances in attention communication

The Vocera skill for Alexa will expand the Vocera ecosystem to provide an immersive, hands-free voice experience to patients and families. The new Vocera skill for Alexa is designed to make it easier and faster for patients and families to get information about their stay and reach the right care team members with simple voice requests directed to a Amazon Echo in the patient’s room. The smart solution is also designed to reduce unnecessary disruptions to the healthcare team and minimize cognitive overload among physicians.

How it works

The Vocera skill for Alexa will advance the patient experience offered in hospitals and healthcare systems. Patient requests will be sent to the appropriate team member on the device of your choice, including the Spokesman Badge, Smartbadge, or Vina app. The Vocabulary skill for Alexa will recognize and use keywords and phrases You commit software to determine the right person to receive the message, thus reducing interruptions and streamlining the workflow.

Verbal updates to patients on the status of each request will help reassure patients, knowing that their requests are heard and resolved. Frequently asked questions from patients who do not need clinical intervention, such as visiting hours, will be answered automatically using the Spokesperson skill. Patient care requests will be prioritized by relevance, scaled automatically as needed, and delivered with contextual information to team members who are available and can take action, improving response times and care. to the patient.

“We believe in the intuitive and accessible nature of voice and Alexa has the potential to help and delight customers in many settings, both inside and outside the home,” said Liron Torres, head of Alexa Smart Properties at Amazon. “We are thrilled to work with Spokesperson and extend the voice experiences that customers already love in healthcare systems, and to offer caregivers new ways to save time and personalize care for their patients.”

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