Alcidion acquires Silverlink PCS Software Limited


Alcidion has announced that it will acquire the patient management system provider, Silverlink PCS Software Limited, in a deal worth around £ 30 million.

With the acquisition, Alcidion will acquire the capabilities of Silverlink’s Patient Management System (PAS), which will complement its existing functionality of the Miya Precision Electronic Patient Registration (EPR) system.

The deal will expand Alcidion’s presence in the UK to 38 NHS trusts, as Silverlink has long-term relationships with 12 NHS trusts.

Kate Quirke, CEO of Alcidion Group, said: “This acquisition is very exciting and is in line with our overall intention to improve the services we can offer the NHS.

“The combination of Miya Precision with the Silverlink PAS product reinforces our commitment to the UK market. Together we will support the open availability of data to ensure that our healthcare systems are well equipped to meet the challenges we face. aligned goals make this partnership fit perfectly. “

Completion of the transfer is expected around 15 December and the acquisition cost was £ 30 million in advance, with the prospect of an additional £ 3 million subject to pre-agreed terms.

This is the second acquisition this year for Alcidion, which bought the patient flow software provider ExtraMed in April for £ 5.3 million.

Lynette Ousby, UK CEO, added: “We are delighted to incorporate the experience and technology of the Silverlink team, which complements the work we have been doing at Alcidion with our Miya Precision platform. We believe that together we have a modern and compelling solution that offers something different to the NHS.

“Our approach to separating data and application layers allows us to offer an open, modular and flexible EPR ecosystem that can be easily configured for the specific needs of each trust. This further indicates our intention to provide a a compelling alternative to how trusts and ICS accelerate their digital maturity. “

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