Al Jazeera wins nine Shorty Awards Media news


The Digital Division wins three jury awards, a second place in Gold and five public honors at the 2021 Shorty Awards for social media and brands.

Al Jazeera has won a record nine Shorty Awards during a virtual launch of winners that concluded Friday night. The jury awarded three Winner Prizes and a second place gold to brands that demonstrated excellence in digital innovation.

The English and Arabic teams in Al Jazeera’s digital division also transferred five finalist awards from the jury to the Audience Honor awards, outperforming a wide variety of finalists.

A winning jury award was awarded for the best instructional video at Start here, the series of current affairs narrators that brings viewers closer to the big news of the day. The team also won an Independent Audience Honor for this category, garnering more audience votes than finalists from other brands. Start Here also won a third prize, an honor from the public, at the best use of the Facebook video category.

Virtual reality and media innovation studio, nominated for Al Jazeera Emmys, AJ Contrast, too emerged as the winner of the jury in the category News and media for Living in the unknown, the interactive site about Uighur Muslims living in exile. Living in the Unknown has won top awards at other awards, including the Amnesty Media 2021 Awards and the 2020 Online Journalism Awards.

Online news and current affairs channel AJ + too won a winning award for best animation for He survived Ebola. Now this doctor is fighting the coronavirus. The animated short film gives a discouraging account of a day in the life of an emergency physician who works 24 hours a day to save people at the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in New York City.

He Al Jazeera English Facebook equipment he won a Golden Jury Award for Best Facebook Presence for Covering Topics That Shaped World News in 2020, from the Pandemic, the Hong Kong Protests and the U.S. Elections to the Protests of Black Lives Matter. He Instagram Instagram of Al Jazeera team won an Audience Honor for Best Instagram Presence.

Ejaz (The Brief) is the first Arab mobile press product in the Middle East and North Africa [Al Jazeera]

In a first publication for the network, Digital Newsroom garnered three finalist gestures, two of which went on to honor the public for its viral success that covered global news for the Arabic-speaking public. Digital Newsroom delved into its loyal audience base of 26 million Facebook subscribers to gain an audience honor for Facebook’s best presence. And the team received a second honor from the public for the best news and media for Ejaz (The Brief), the first daily “Arab mobile news” product in the Middle East and North Africa.

“We couldn’t be more proud of our teams,” said Dr. Yaser Bishr, executive director of Digital at Al Jazeera Media Network. “Despite the pandemic news cycles, they have worked tirelessly to attract the public with human stories and to report on the news in a balanced and objective way. And its ability to engage both the English and Arabic audiences says a lot about the global reach of our digital product. We congratulate them on their success. “

Due to the pandemic, this 13th annual edition of the Shorty Awards has been announcing the winners continuously for a four-day stretch on its Instagram page. Shorty jurors also named Al Jazeera English alongside other engines of social excellence for the brand of the year. The top prize was for the great social media Facebook when the ceremony was over.

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