Al-Futtaim partners with TytoCare to expand digital health services


What you should know:

TytoCare, an all-in-one modular global device and a test platform for Powered by AI, remote a la carte medical examinations, announced today its association with Al-Futtaim Electronic-Techserve, a company of the Al-Futtaim group. The partnership with TytoCare will allow Al-Futtaim to expand its reach across the healthcare spectrum, covering all points of contact, from specialists to local clinics.

– Al-Futtaim Group is a large conglomerate based in Dubai, UAE, with companies from many industries such as automotive, financial services, real estate and retail. Its newly added healthcare sector offers specialist and trusted care in a holistic environment in pharmacies as well as 12 outpatient clinics across Dubai.

– Al-Futtaim will integrate TytoCare’s TytoPro solution to your HealthHub clinics. TytoPro will enable Al-Futtaim to turn remote locations such as clinics, employee workplaces, pharmacies, schools, home nursing, home care centers and urgent care centers into care sites connected with comprehensive telehealth solutions turnkey.

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