AirAsia volunteers for Allstars to help implement COVID-19 vaccination in Malaysia


To accelerate the nation’s COVID-19 vaccination program and help the travel industry recover, AirAsia Allstars (staff) will volunteer at the major vaccination centers (PPVs) in the Klang Valley.

More than 1,000 AirAsia cabin crew employees, ground staff, engineers, office staff and senior management will perform non-medical tasks throughout the campaign period.

This initiative comes in a couple of months after its logistics sector, Teleport, expressed its will. aid in the distribution of vaccines around SEA.

Equipped to serve

The campaign begins this week with Allstars at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center and the Setia City Convention Center. They will participate with the greeting and help of people with records, making announcements and informing attendees about possible side effects.

Tony Fernandes noted that AirAsia’s cabin crew is already trained in medical care and handling, as they are the first assistants on a flight. “I’m sure they’re happy to come back with the uniform, doing what they can do best, serving people in the air and on the ground,” he said.

Apart from involving the people-oriented team, the top management of AirAsia subsidiaries such as OURSHOP, Teleport, Ourfarm, and much more, will also participate.

Volunteering at Allstars in a PPV / Image Credit: AirAsia

“Although a commitment is needed, shift schedules are flexible. After our Allstars have signed up, the MyVAC team will contact them for more programming according to the nearest PPV center, ”said Lim Vul-Jie, head of e-commerce at airasia superapplication. Vulcan Post.

“In addition, we encourage Allstars to be asked to volunteer as part of this crucial move to drive Malaysia’s vaccination campaign.”

Get back on track

To date, AirAsia has also been involved in transporting vaccines from KL to Kuching, Sarawak and Vientiane to Laos. The international government agency commissioned the shipment to Teleport, Lim said.

According to Tony, his entire flight crew in Indonesia is already vaccinated and expects most of the Allstars in the region to receive shots in the coming months.

The entrepreneur he previously expressed his optimism that AirAsia’s financial recovery is possible within two years, given vaccination efforts in the SEA’s major economies. This includes the implementation of vaccines in an aggressive and efficient manner, as well as the implementation of a standardized digital health passport among eligible countries.

AirAsia recorded a drop in revenue of up to 87% in the first quarter of 2021 to RM 298.22 million, from 2.31 billion posted in the first quarter of 2020.

“Ultimately, we need to vaccinate about 50% of the population so that cross-border travel can take off. I have full confidence that we will get there soon, thanks to the hard work and strong commitment of governments and health authorities to end to this devastating pandemic, “the group’s general manager said.

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Featured Image Credit: AirAsia

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