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It is a known fact that AirAsia It has long aimed to become the leading ASEAN superapplication. During the pandemic and with the revenue from its stagnant air operations, much attention and resources have been focused on growing and improving its digital services.

At SEA it is safe to say Catch so far it has been the leading superapplication. Its food delivery and horse food delivery services have helped it maintain an impressive market share across the region, with the addition of its package delivery and fintech services consolidating its place in users ’phones.

But now, as Tony Fernandes does well announcement 6 months ago that AirAsia will come into play, Airasia Super App brings the gap between it and Grab much closer. This new company is called walk airasia.

With services already dealing with e-commerce, food delivery, grocery, package delivery, financing needs and more, Airasia ride virtually completes the Ariasia lifestyle ecosystem Super App.

Both Grab and Airasia Super App seem to be on a more uniform playing field now, with some differences, such as Grab offering home services, while Airasia Super App offers booking and flight management.

Join the marathon

It is the second major addition to the Airias service menu to its overapplication within a year later threw the food airasia in Malaysia in November 2020.

In general, it has about 1,500 pilots incorporated, with 5,000 additions planned for the next 6 months. Its CEO, Lim Chiew Shan he told The Edge who are actively recruiting and aiming to have a total of 30,000 drivers based on the demand it hopes to generate Airasia ride.

Captain Ling Liong Tien (left), AirAsia group security chief and head of Airasia ride, and Lim Chiew Shan (right), CEO of Airiasia ride Malaysia / Image credit: AirAsia

To put it bluntly, the Ariasia ride ensures that all its riders are fully vaccinated.

In the app, the ride-hailing service works similarly to what you know. For example, enter your location and pickup destination, and the app will find a driver for you.

However, there are some differences.

Platinum drivers

airasia ride offers something called “Platinum Drivers”, which are drivers that are recommended to you depending on your proximity to your location.

It is not clear what a Platinum driver means, as its price is the same as booking a regular car for 1-4 passengers. Also, there is no FAQ that provides an explanation.

You can choose from the recommended drivers or match them to a random driver

The biggest difference that simply matches a driver is that you will get a personal introduction to Platinum drivers and be able to choose the one you prefer.

Lady Drivers

It looks like Airasia ride is taking advantage of another company that offers Dacsee services to offer a feature called Lady Drivers.

Lady Drivers seems to cost a lot more

These Lady Drivers would be available from Monday to Sunday, although the choice of one would also depend on their proximity to your location.

While it’s a good option, those who prefer to be driven by a female driver are probably better off choosing a service like the company dedicated exclusively to women. Riding rose.

Allstar Ride

This is an option that can make you scratch your head a little. With it, you can book a trip in a vehicle driven by an AirAsia pilot or crew.

From the company’s POV, this feature would make sense, as the planes are still largely on the ground. Since the pandemic began, AirAsia has actively participated in its Allstars in its other verticals, such as airasia farm (formerly OURFARM), for example.

It is not surprising, then, that Airasia ride is another area where Allstars can also earn revenue. For users, perhaps the novelty of being driven by a pilot or cabin crew would be worth it, but it’s hard to see it as anything more than a simple strategy to get people talking about Airasia ride for now.

In the app itself, I still haven’t been able to find the option to mount with an Allstar. Either the feature hasn’t been launched completely or I’m just out of coverage area so the option doesn’t show up.

Prices between 2 super applications

In terms of prices, there isn’t a big discrepancy between the way Airasia travels and the users of Grab Grab. AirAsia claims that fares are set at an average of RM1 per km, excluding toll charges, so at most, you save a few Ringgits with the Airasia journey.

For example, a trip from 1Utama to Mid Valley Megamall would cost you 19 RMS on an Airasia ride (1-4 seats) and 20 RM for a similarly sized JustGrab vehicle. At the moment, we are not sure if Airasia ride will change its price depending on the rush hours or the afternoon.

Similar to how Airasia food has a 15% commission per order (as opposed to the 25-30% some companies take), Airasia ride reduces drivers-partners by 15% (as opposed to the 20% fare). Grab).

It definitely seems that AirAsia is trying to position itself as the most affordable superapplication in Malaysia in terms of popular services.

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It’s hard to comment on a hosting service when you haven’t really tried it several times. One thing that could be said is that slightly lower Ariasia ride fares can be a good incentive, but we’ll have to see if the small group of drivers will discourage users.

A la carte comfort is what most users want and, if Airasia ride is not able to satisfy it, it will be difficult to convince the market to try it.

Always ambitious, the airline already plans to expand its out-of-Malaysia reception service to Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and more. At the local level, its 2021 roadmap aims first at its implementation in the main states of Malaysia.

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