Affordable and fresh smart home automation devices in Malaysia in 2021


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As our appliances become smarter and more interconnected, it no longer costs a bomb to automate and simplify our daily lives with these smart appliances.

Here are some interesting devices for less than RM400 that should take place in any home with technical expertise. Brands did not sponsor us to include or exclude them from the list. Product prices are subject to change, but are below RM400 at the time of writing.

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1. Khind VC9X6A robotic vacuum cleaner (RM388)

The Khind VC9X6A even comes with a cleaning function / Source: Khind

He Khind VC9X6A robotic vacuum cleaner it has a few cleaning modes that can be set up to clean specific areas or go around the house cleaning the edges. Along with anti-fall and anti-collision features, the robot should be less likely to get trapped in tight spots.

The vacuum also has a cleaning function so families can focus on what matters most to them instead of doing chores.

Alternative: El ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO T8 + it’s more expensive, but includes more features, such as setting up priority cleaning areas using your mobile, a larger battery, and greater suction power.

2. Google Nest Mini (169.99 RM)

He Google Nest Mini is a smart speaker and a voice assistant integrated into one. Imagine if you have your hands full when you bake a cake, but you want music. Say:Hi Google, Play Blind Lights‘, and you can play music from the Google Nest Mini.

Google Nest Mini / Image Credit: BENCE BOROS enabled Unsplash

Also, if the TV connects to the voice assistant, you can order it to change the YouTube channel or video that your child is watching. If your home is fully connected to the voice assistant, it can be the central point of contact, controlling other devices using voice commands.

Alternative: He Apple HomePod mini is Apple’s assumption of voice assistants, but not available in Malaysia.

3. Tuya Curtain Motor (RM382.91)

He Tuya curtain motor is a 3.2 m smart curtain motor and rail that allows you to use your phone or voice to close and open the curtains. It includes a time control feature in the app that you can set up to wake your kids up at school even if you’re not in that room.

In addition, you can also choose the speed of the movement of the curtain. There are other track lengths available, but the longer they are, the higher the price.

The curtain motor Tuya in action / Image credit: wallacexxx on Shopee

Alternative: If you want a tailor-made solution for your home, Smart Curtain Malaysia makes custom accessories.

4. Townew Smart Dustbin (RM238.88)

He Townew smart bin comes equipped with a sensor to automatically detect the movement of the hands to open the lid. Alternatively, a light touch or a boost on the sides would also work.

The Townew Smart Dustbin / Image Credit: IGadgets

That’s not all, press the trash can button and it will help you seal the garbage bag inside. Once sealed, the lid will open automatically to remove debris. To use this automatic sealing feature, you will need to purchase the appropriate garbage bags that complement this feature.

5. Yeelight smart light bulb (RM59.98)

Change the atmosphere of the room with your phone / Image credit: Yeelight

You can change the color and brightness of the WiFi connection Yeelight smart light bulb via cell phone or voice, which is perfect for a touch of romantic lighting during dating nights or to turn off the light when you go to bed.

Light bulbs can also be grouped together to provide synchronized lighting to an entire room. They can be programmed according to a defined family schedule to lighten or decrease according to your activities.

Alternative: He Philips Hue lighting ecosystem It includes different types of lighting, such as downlights, light strips and motion sensors, to harden all home lights.

6. 6L Automatic Pet Feeder with Wi-Fi (RM299)

He 6-liter automatic pet feeder with Wi-Fi can be set to feed your pets with a timer or manually using the mobile app. The power supply is powered by an external power supply and batteries. Therefore, if the power is turned off, your pets can still be fed if the timer is set.

Video captured via pet feeder / Image credit: hanizara where Shopee

The feeder also includes a two-way audio system so you can talk to your pets over the phone and watch them on video. Alternatively, you can play a recording of your voice to call them at meal time.

Alternative: That SKYMEE Owl Robot it can be an interactive toy and a candy dispenser in one, controlled by a mobile phone.

7. Smart Frog Electric Dryer (RM168)

He Smart Frog electric dryer it can support up to 5 kg and can dry clothes in 1 to 3 hours.

Source: Smart Frog

It also has a switch to switch between cold and hot air, so if you need it to dry quickly, use the hot air feature. Cold air can cool warm clothes before putting them on.

It’s also small and portable, so you can pack it for office meetings or travel.

8. 256 GB EZVIZ C3W variant (RM399)

As a high-definition outdoor Wi-Fi wall camera, the EZVIZ C3W it includes some additional smart features, such as two-way audio, which lets you talk to anyone with their eyes fixed on the camera.

Source: EZVIZ

If you’re not at home, you can configure your motion sensors to activate a loud siren and a strobe light to scare off intruders upon detecting them. This trigger will also send a notification to your phone through your app.

Memory capacity allows you to save video history that can be viewed remotely. The camera has 3 modes of night vision and AI-driven people detection, which reduces the amount of false alarms activated by animals.

9. Samsung Ezon SHS-1321 Smart Digital Door Lock (RM389)

Aside from unlocking the door with a password (or an RFID card key), the Samsung Ezon SHS-1321 has additional security features. For example, 2 random numbers will appear to press before entering your pin. This prevents strangers from guessing your password, as fingerprints spread across the lock screen.

The Samsung Ezon SHS-1321 / Source: Samsung

If you leave for a few days, you can also set an outside mode that will sound the alarm automatically if the lock works at home.

Its thermal sensor can detect high temperatures inside the house and activate the alarm in case of fire. The door will also unlock automatically for quick evacuation.

Alternative: igloohome Smart Deadbolt 2S has features such as time-sensitive codes and Bluetooth unlock. If you expect visitors, you can generate unique PIN codes to send to your guests so they can let you in.

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Featured Image Credit: EZVIZ / Samsungdigitallife Singapore and Malaysia

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