Aetion acquires Synthetic Data Platform Replica Analytics –


What you should know:

Action, a real-world evidence technology platform (RWE), has just announced its acquisition of Replica analytics, a pioneer in using ML to generate synthetic data. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

– This acquisition allows Aetion to solve one of RWE’s most difficult problems: accessing data tailored to the target. Synthetic data acts as a “digital clone” of real-world data while maintaining the statistical properties of source data, while protecting the individual privacy of data subjects and enabling researchers to overcome the limitations of small real-world data sets. or insufficient.

Data synthesis and guarantee of privacy

Reetica’s advanced technology expands Aetion’s offerings, including its purpose-tailored data services, offering customers more privacy-protected data options when using the Aetion Evidence Platform®, a particularly important feature in specialized research and rare diseases. Fortune 50 companies already use Replica technology to provide fast and efficient access to synthetic, high-utility versions of health data in their organizations while complying with regulatory obligations and compliance with privacy laws such as Health Insurance Liability and Portability Act (HIPAA) in the US and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. These clients include some of the world’s leading life sciences research organizations.

The acquisition allows Aetion customers to conduct research

Replica’s synthetic data generation technology will give Aetion customers (global pharmacists and national payers) access to expanded data sets for more comprehensive analysis and accelerate their scientific research.

“Replica is improving Aetion’s technology portfolio to open up access to previously inaccessible RWDs,” said Dr. Jeremy Rassen, co-founder and president of Aetion. “Our shared belief in rooting technological innovation in scientific rigor ensures that together Replica and Aetion will accelerate RWE’s impact on improving access to higher quality and more affordable healthcare worldwide.” .

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