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Join Motley Fool contributor Brian Stoffel and Motley Fool analyst Emily Flippen as they immerse themselves in a recent IPO on Wednesday’s Wildcard show.

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10 stocks we like more than SEMrush Holdings, Inc.

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This video was recorded on November 3, 2021.

Emily Flippen: Welcome to Industry Focus. Today is Wednesday, November 3, and I’m your hostess, Emily Flippen. Today I’m joined by Brian Stoffel of The Fools, and we’ll talk about a new public leader in search engine optimization and online marketing. SEMrush (NYSE: SEMR). Thanks for participating, Brian.

Brian Stoffel: Welcome. Thanks for having me, Emily.

Emily Flippen: Yes, it’s okay to have you. This is the second time here at Industry Focus, we had so much fun last month that we had to do it again.

Brian Stoffel: Yes. I survived my first. I was nervous waiting to see if there was a call.

Emily Flippen:

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