“A compass for international action”


The German government believes that the expansion of multilateralism is the best way to strengthen international order. He wants to advance these international cooperation efforts with his “White Paper on Multilateralism.” The roughly 150-page document is intended to serve as a “compass for Germany’s international action,” Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said at the presentation of the white paper that has been adopted by the federal government. . He lamented the weakening of international organizations by authoritarian states. Germany’s international expectations are high, the foreign minister said: “Many of our partners want us to continue to play an important role in the future in strengthening and reforming and further developing the international order system.”

The White Paper describes the role of Germany in the European Union and international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), the G20 or the G7 and its goals for the coming years. It is linked to the “Alliance for Multilateralism” that Maas founded in September 2019 and to which about 70 states have joined so far. In the White Paper, the federal government also justifies the necessary strengthening of international cooperation in various fields, also with specific reference to current criticism and developments.

The dossier aims to counter reservations about the multilateral order and show the diversity and indispensable cooperation in practice. It also documents how words are followed by actions: Germany is the second largest donor to the UN and its agencies, as well as the second largest donor to the ACC Accelerator, which is responsible for ensuring equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines. Nearly 5,000 German soldiers are involved in multilateral operations and peace and stability missions around the world.

(with dpa / DLF material)

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