A child health information system was launched in Lancashire


Vaccination, health and development records of nearly half a million children in Lancashire are now being managed by a single information system.

Built with the SystemP CarePlus software, the system provides all those involved in the care of children in the region with adequate access to the information needed to promote the health and well-being of children, and also to help them protect them and protect them.

The software was released last month after a largely remote deployment and was run by Virgin Care, which manages child health information services in Lancashire, organized into four centers.

Michelle Lee, CEO of Virgin Care in Lancashire, said: “We are thrilled to have all of our child health data managed safely and securely in one place and in a way that supports the Childy Health Program.

“This publication is an important milestone that will really help support our focus on early interventions, preventative measures, and a coordinated approach to health.”

The new system is connected to the spine and the NHS National Event Management Service, which means that care professionals receive notifications of births, change of address, change of medical consultations and deaths, in addition to having the results of the three screening events (newborns) and children’s physical exams, hearing and blood stain results) at their disposal at the point of care.

It also allows them to schedule vaccinations and vaccinations, as well as schedule and record reviews on health development.

The publication involved the migration of 486,062 child records from an inherited EMIS child health platform and was carried out largely remotely due to Covid-19 restrictions and because the service was spread across four different locations. .

The project has consisted of the combination of records and services in eight GCCs, three local authorities, five acute trusts, three community trusts, 176 general practices and an inherited child health information system.

Markus Bolton, joint CEO of System C, said the company was delighted with the entire deployment in Lancashire.

“Our teams have worked very well together and it’s great to see the service running live with a single system that supports the provision of joint care to local children,” he added.

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