A breakdown of MyDIGITAL’s plans for the education sector


The government Malaysia Digital Economy Project (MyDIGITAL) was created with the aim of transforming Malaysia into a digitally driven, high-income nation and a regional leader in the digital economy.

The digital economy is defined as economic and social activities that involve the production and use of digital technology by individuals, companies and governments.

Earlier, we mentioned his plans to attract or grow five unicorns by 2030, and that depends on the business section of the plan.

A la the people Aside from that, one of its plans includes ensuring that all students have access to online learning. Over the past year, schools and institutions have had to resort to online classes to ensure that education continues and many initiatives have been taken in the private and public sector to facilitate this transition.

In line with continuing to improve this initiative, this is what the government has planned for the next ten years in terms of the education sector.

For students

My Device Program

For students, the plan stated that it would introduce what is called a “My Device” program to ensure that all students have access to digital learning. The program will be installed through public-private partnerships, where students will receive data plans and devices with strict security settings.

What they hope to achieve from this program is for students to have an enhanced learning experience, as well as a reduced digital divide between students from all income groups.

The calendar of this program will be from 2021 to 2025 and the leader of this initiative will be the Ministry of Education (MOE).

E-books and interactive content

The government will also encourage textbook and workbook publishers to explore the digitization of their content and translate them into e-books and create interactive formats. With this initiative, the government hopes to continuously improve digital materials for education at a lower cost.

Keep student data secure

To do this, the plan plans to develop and establish technical guidelines for the use of data in the education sector. For this initiative, its goal is to have machine-readable data with access through an application programming interface (API), as well as a secure and reliable educational ecosystem.

Dictionary time: In simple terms, an API is simply something that sends information between a website or application and a user.

An example of the real world is buying movie tickets online. Go to the movie site, enter the movie information, name and credit card, and print the tickets. What happens between entering your information and receiving your ticket is thanks to the APIs.

Friends of the API i API for mannequins

For teachers

“My digital teacher” program

Technology may be ready, but without anyone being equipped to use it, efforts would be wasted. Therefore, this professional development program is intended to perfect teachers so that they have more knowledge in digital learning tools and technology, as well as in administrative tasks.

The way the government plans to do this is by co-creating an innovative technology-based solution with technology companies to improve the organization of teachers ’work in relation to the development of learning plans, teaching aids and reports. . In the private sector, we have seen several of these issues addressed by emerging companies such as Anak2U i Abelitic.

If this initiative is successful as planned, we will see a higher rate of technology use among teachers, as well as reduced time spent on administrative work.

The timetable for this program ranges from 2023 to 2025 and the plan is aimed at training all teachers in 2025. This initiative is also led by the Ministry of Education.

Knowledge bank for teachers

In addition to this training, what the MyDIGITAL initiative is developing for teachers is an open access knowledge bank for educational materials in digital format.

The quality of these teaching materials must comply with the guidelines and standards established by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).

The content of this knowledge bank includes workbooks, practical work, and teaching sources such as videos and podcasts. Like the “My Digital Teacher” program, this initiative will take place from 2023 to 2025.

For schools

Ensure that all schools have good connectivity

To do this, the MyDIGITAL plan states that it will introduce digital packages so that digital learning can be facilitated. How they are planning to do this is by identifying funding models with contributions from the private sector and civil society organizations (CSOs) to support the implementation of this initiative.

Dictionary time: Civil society refers to a wide range of organizations: community groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), trade unions, indigenous groups, charities, religious organizations, professional associations and foundations.

World Bank

Like the “My Device” program, this initiative will also take place from 2021 to 2025 and will also be led by the Ministry of Education.

Schools of digital manufacturers

Encouraging the capture of digital technology is not the only thing the plan has in mind for Malaysian students. Digital Maker Schools aims to encourage students to become producers of technology rather than just consumers.

The plan of this initiative is to expand the number of Champion Schools all over the country. Champion schools are schools that adopt digital creation and innovation as a core value through:

  • Establish an active space for digital creation
  • Impact of society on digital creation through community engagement
  • Participate in digital creation competitions
  • Constantly seeking collaboration and industrial support

So far, there are 24 champion schools across Malaysia, with Selangor and Sabah having the most (4 each). The process of developing a champion school is as follows:

  1. Professional development for teachers, leaders and school advisors
  2. Establishment of the Digital Maker Hub
  3. Establishment of Digital Maker Clubs (co-curricular)
  4. Digital Maker Champion Student Training (Ambassador of digital motivation)
  5. Commitment to your community
  6. Partnerships with the digital industry

Through this initiative, the government aims to have 2,500 champion schools by 2030.

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Here is a table to summarize what the MyDIGITAL plan has designed for the education sector:

Students Teachers Schools
My Device Program “My Digital Teacher” training program Digital packages to ensure good connectivity
E-books and interactive content Knowledge bank Creation of more My Digital Maker schools
Protection of your data
What are the initiatives for students, teachers and schools

At this time, it is difficult to measure whether these goals will be achieved in a timely manner, as our progress and current data for each target area are unclear. How, then, can we measure which ones are near or far from the targets?

To add, it is not mentioned whether students with disabilities and their educators could fully benefit from the same initiatives. We would be curious to know if this plan is flexible enough to cater to students with different speeds and learning abilities, as they should not be left out of this plan to advance digitally.

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