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It’s no secret that right now it’s a job search market. While the pandemic may have initially hampered companies ’investment in SEO and PPC, as blockchains continued and more people took their own lives, online search marketing became paramount. Even anecdotally, I noticed an increase in companies interested in SEO services as they realized they needed to be found online now more than ever.

Employees are eager for professional development and advancement. This change means that search marketers have the power to set the tone for what will be next in their careers, but we are not the only ones. In accordance with Pulse Survey of American Prudential Financial Workers, 26% of workers who plan to change jobs after COVID, 80% do so because they are concerned Professional advancement. The pandemic has resulted in a “very real experience that employees have had around lack of career progression and a concern for skills development.” says Rob Falzon, vice president of Prudential. People feel that they have been working hard but have not been given opportunities to advance professionally in their current business, he wrote Caroline Castrillon for Forbes.

Changing search landscapes means changing professional skills. In search marketing, we are seeing a move towards bigger players taking away our individual controls and levers. To move forward we need to rewrite the old search marketing manual. Problem solving has always been our forte, but now we need to be even more creative as data is taken …

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