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Setting ourselves up for a productive day can be a difficult habit to dodge. Here are some tricks that can help you.

Routines are key to successful mornings. While sometimes hard to set up and easy to break, routines can help you create the time to do the things you want to do and feel productive. When done in the mornings, it is especially effective, as mornings usually dictate the rhythm of the rest of the day.

While saying that you will get up early and go for a run every morning is very easy, maintaining the routines is difficult. It demands consistency and not giving up. To establish a routine, it is important to be patient with yourself and set realistic and manageable goals. Here are five tips to help you develop a better morning routine:

Make natural light your friend

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Natural light feels great and helps you wake up. The sun dictates the inner clock, so we fall asleep at night and are more energized when the sun is above us. While your windows are a great tool, if you have time, walking in the morning is a great way to start the day and revitalize your mood.

Wash your face

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The morning showers are great because they wake you up. Washing your face does something similar, waking up and wiping the lint from your eyes. If you incorporate it into a broader routine, such as brushing your face after brushing your teeth and then applying a moisturizer or sunscreen, your habit will become stronger and easier to remember.

Breakfast well

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Breakfast has many lovers and haters, but if you are a person who tends to have a bad time in the morning, eating something nutritious can be a solution to your problems. Breakfast is not only stuffed, it is important for your energy, which is very necessary in the morning. Choosing protein-rich foods like yogurt or eggs and pairing them with vegetables and whole grains will leave you energized and eager to eat healthy and full for the rest of the day.


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Getting around is very important in the mornings. That doesn’t mean you have to go out for a run, although that’s a great thing to do in the morning. Moving can mean simply making the bed, doing some chores like dishes, or folding clothes. Any kind of movement will help you stay awake and more productive, which is a good mood to have the first thing of the day.

Do something you enjoy

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Take time in your mornings to do something you enjoy, such as playing a video game, listening to a podcast, reading a book, or listening to music. While you may need to wake up a little earlier than usual, doing something early that you enjoy will help you have a better mood and vision of the day.

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