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A positive COVID-19 test result is stressful under any circumstances. Being alone and abroad is not really fantastic. Here are some things to do if you get COVID while traveling.

Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise in different parts of the world. Although countries have been slowly reopening their borders, in recent weeks the Delta variant has infected more and more people. Although those most at risk are not vaccinated, there have also been more and more cases of COVID-19 progression.

Traveling is safer than a year ago, but it’s still a tricky activity depending on where you’re visiting and whether you’ve been vaccinated or not. The odds of getting COVID-19 on a trip are unlikely and very unlucky. Still, it could happen.

Here are 5 things to do if you get COVID-19 while traveling:

Reschedule the flight

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Getting COVID on your trip means you’ll have to spend some extra time there. The best way to avoid additional expenses is to reschedule the return as soon as possible. Based on the positive COVID test, consider how long you will be ill.

You should also book accommodation that allows you to feel comfortable. Make sure the place you are staying has a kitchen and other dining options nearby. A pharmacy or convenience store is also ideal.

Write it all down

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Monitor for symptoms and whether they are getting better or worse. Be sure to visit a doctor if symptoms worsen over time. You should also keep track of the times and dates when the tests were performed, how long these tests are valid in your home country, the people you contacted, and your expenses.

Ask for what you need

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Make a list of the things you need, from medications to your favorite snacks when you feel sick. Since it cannot be purchased in person, keep your list in mind. Remember to add vitamins and Pedialyte to keep you hydrated. Make sure you have a thermometer on hand so you can monitor for symptoms.

Tell someone you trust

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The positive result of COVID-19 is stressful under normal circumstances, much more so when alone and abroad. While you need to be careful with this sensitive information, you need to tell trusted people in order to make you feel safer and better. Be clear with your feelings and don’t be afraid to ask for support

take care of yourself

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While being sick and isolating yourself in a new place is not anyone’s ideal vacation, you should strive to make the most of it. Watch your favorite TV show or movie you were waiting for or buy some flowers and decorate the place where you are staying.

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