Although the circuit breaker ended last June, Singapore has recently tightened social interactions and returned to the default state of working from home. Phase 2 (Increased awareness).

Employees who can work from home have returned to work from home. While eight out of ten workers in Singapore, they say they prefer to work from home or have flexible work arrangements, problems such as exhaustion and low productivity predominate.

After all, there are more distractions, less responsibility, and less communication at home than when working in the office.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. In fact, there are many ways you can continue to work productively while working remotely.

Here are some proven products that can help you get the most out of your home office:

1. A desk that can do everything

Image credit: Omnidesk

Having a proper workspace will allow you to have a good mood to start working every day and keep up the momentum during work hours. The dining room table can only be comfortable for so long, why not switch to a fully adjustable table, suitable for both work and leisure?

He Omnidesk is a good table option for setting up work from home. It’s not okay to be sitting at your desk all day, so they’ve built in an adaptable desktop feature that lets you work while you stand up if you ever have to change things.

Founded by the same guys behind Aftershock PC in 2018, Omnidesk offers the quintessential desktop for the modern age, with the goal of recreating the magic of having customization at your fingertips with a whole new product segment.

Omnidesk is basically something you may have seen in many tech offices, especially among programmers – a height-adjustable desk that lets you switch between sitting and standing.

The difference, though, as you might expect from the guys behind Afershock, is that their desktops are fully customizable from scratch. In other words, you can set it up the way you want: you can choose the size of the table, desktop colors, and accessories, such as monitor mounts and speaker mounts.

In addition, the Omnidesk Pro 2020 flagship features four programmable smart memory presets that allow you to save your favorite profiles. This means you can switch to the ideal position for the table sitting, standing or even with a bag of beans at the touch of a button.

Paired with the Omnidesk cable management bar and Mounted power bar, complete the necessary configuration for a subordinate cable management system.

In addition, the ergonomic curve of the Omnidesk Pro provides a comfortable and natural location to support your arms during use, allowing you to enjoy maximum comfort. All of these combined features definitely make an excellent addition to work-from-home setup.

2. An energetic reinforcement

Image Credit: Cafe Campesino Fair Trade Blog

Drinking a cup of coffee might have been part of your morning routine, but now that the need to travel has been eliminated, it can be difficult to grab that energy boost.

In addition, in the absence of fixed office hours, many often work during lunch or previous work hours. It takes a break and doesn’t necessarily mean you’re relaxing.

Instead, a break can help you increase your productivity and let you recharge in power throughout the day.

With the abundance of variety of bags for making coffee, having a coffee while working from home has become convenient, quick and easy.

He Executive Brew package from Preface Coffee Roasters it is specially designed for those who have been drinking coffee all their lives and who now want to enjoy coffee to the fullest.

The package, consisting of compostable coffee capsules, biodegradable coffee-making bags and a designer cup that reuses coffee shells, provides a pleasant but sustainable coffee-making experience at home.

roasted coffee prologue
Image credit: Preface to coffee roasters

Coffee Prologue it’s not your first-generation cafe. It is a social enterprise with a vision of empowering people with disabilities and special needs through job opportunities, such as for people with autism, intellectual disability, deafness, cerebral palsy and mental health conditions.

As of January 2021, the coffee brand has also pledged five percent of its sales revenue from its latest version of coffee brewing bags to community development projects in coffee-producing regions in Asia.

In this fast-paced digital age, employees are burdened with tasks and responsibilities to perform, which can lead to exhaustion, stress, and unnecessary stress.

A short coffee break provides you with a quick way to relax and unwind, and can also help improve productivity levels, increase focus, and reduce stress levels at work.

Prologue coffee provides the best of both worlds: a rapid rise in energy while doing well.

3. A recovery tool

Image credit: Hydragun

Sitting at your desk all day is sure to leave you with some bodily discomfort.

In accordance with Gleneagles Hospital, Work-related injuries from home related to back pain and sprains have increased significantly in Singapore since the period of the circuit breaker, with neck and back pain among the main complaints.

Maintaining comfort should always be a priority and with this you can relieve yourself of these pains Hydragun.

Hydragun is a sports recovery device for relieving muscle pain, tension, aches and pains. It is a next-generation tool designed to help the body speed recovery through myofascial release.

Image credit: Hydragun

The implementation of performance technology aims to provide emerging product solutions to help individuals reach their peak physically and mentally.

Her muscle massage gun works with SmoothDrive engine technology, which makes it one of the most popular massage tools. Calmer, stronger, more resilient and more elegant; Hidragun’s unique design and build quality pave a new path in recovery technology.

Working from home can be tiring and the process will get worse if you are plagued with annoying bodily ailments. With the Hydragun you can easily enjoy a massage with a simple click.

4. Artisanal and artisanal sound system

sound power
Image credit: SoundKraft

Voice and video conferencing is now the norm, as teams split into different locations, but remote work experience is frustrated by poor audio.

Remember the last phone conference you had or the last time you spoke to a customer over the phone. Did it frustrate you or confuse you because you couldn’t clearly hear what was going on?

If you’ve had to ask someone to repeat or repeat it several times, you’re not alone. Phone and laptop speakers may not be enough, so it’s worth investing in a new sound system for your home.

Sound power offers you a Bluetooth speaker that is a wide range of Thai art, Scandinavian and German audio engineering; as well as the latest advances in digital signal processing and electronic design.

Soundkraft co-founder Oon has been building amplifiers and speakers for the past 35 years. Being a DIY enthusiast allowed him to try out all the approaches that could be conceived and see things for what they really are.

The monocoque design of the speaker is cut from a single piece of wood that serves as a pressure vessel, ensuring maximum rigidity and the minimum amount of unwanted vibrations. Its spherical shape also ensures the uniform distribution of sound waves in all directions.

In addition to using the speakers for work, they are also great for leisure. Having a bluetooth input means that these speakers can be linked directly to many modern TVs and laptops to enjoy a gaming and home theater experience.

All Soundkraft Enigma speakers are individually assembled, measured and optimized in Singapore. This results in a system with an incredibly flat frequency response for truly accurate music playback.

5. A newspaper with specialized templates

the friendly friend newspaper
Image credit: The Kind Friend

Jamie Lee de The kind friend he realized that people of all ages and demographics were trying to understand “how to lead a happy and meaningful life and cope with stress and anxiety.”

This is probably even more relevant, as social distancing has hindered human interaction. According to a report from Asia News Channel, more Singaporeans are anxious as the pandemic has caused feelings of uncertainty about the future.

Like physical health, mental health is equally important and has the ability to affect work and overall quality of life.

A report from the University of Rochester Medical Center states that one of the ways to deal with any overwhelming emotion is to find a healthy way to express oneself. This makes a diary a useful tool for managing mental health or even as a means of relaxation.

The Kind Friend is a carefully crafted diary that has selected templates to help users overcome stress and anxiety through the diary. Each diary includes 26 weekly templates that help users set goals, keep track of habits and moods, and ask them to reflect on their week.

In addition to using a diary to deal with stress, you can also duplicate it as a way to keep track of your goals and progress at work.

Get ready for optimal productivity from home

One of the biggest challenges of working from home is setting up a home office with the right tools, but once you have everything ready, it’s easier to get the job done, as our production at work is very tied to the tools that we have.

Working from home is likely to be here to stay for an even longer period of time, and products that enhance our workspaces and well-being are considered a worthwhile investment.

With these products, working from home will be much more comfortable, which will lead to increased productivity and efficiency.

Featured Image Credit: The Pride: Singapore Kindness Movement


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