5 Best Penis Extenders – Top Penile Traction Device & Stretchers Of 2021 – Health Guild Report


It’s no secret that men want to be better in bed. That is why there are so many products out there designed specifically for this purpose, such as penis extenders. People resort to surgery, which can be costly and isn’t always successful.

Others may try penis enlargement pills or devices, but these options also come with a price tag as well as potential side effects.

With sexual satisfaction on the decline, and people increasingly seeking expensive surgery to fix their sexual frustrations, it’s important that you know how to find the best penis extender.

For those who want a safe, natural way to increase stamina and size – without spending money on an expensive surgery or risking adverse side effects from other methods – there is one option: penile extenders.

Penis extenders are scientifically proven to be non-invasive and effective in helping those who suffer from erectile dysfunction or libido. Penile traction devices are the perfect solution as they can be worn discreetly under clothing, require no surgery or pills to work, and offer natural and permanent results.

In a recent study, it was found that more than 75% of the men who used these penile traction devices for 6 months saw improvements in their sex lives, including increased penis size and ejaculation volume.

Ranking Top 5 Best Penis Extender of 2021

Penis enlargement products are available in a wide variety in accordance with shape, size working, and structural formation. After extensive research, consultations, and numerous customer interviews, we found the following five penis stretchers that became our top picks, We chose to base the rankings on the following  factors:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Safety & Comfort
  3. Affordability
  4. Money-Back Guarantee
  5. Penis extender Reviews
  6. Long-Term Results


Quick Extender Pro: Best For Size Gain


  • Second Generation DSS System
  • Strongest 4000g Spring Tension
  • 100% Hypoallergenic Materials
  • Medical Grade Comfort Pads
  • Peyronie’s Disease Correction
  • 50% Lighter
  • 3X Longer Wearing
  • 6 Month Money Back Guarantee


What You Can Gain

The Quick extender pro is the latest innovation in penile enhancement. Double strap support design provides better stability and prevents slippage for more comfort and safety than traditional designs that use only one strap.

The Quick extenders pro also has a patented design to provide immediate results through micro-tears.

Quick Extender Pro helps in sexual activity by limiting the pressure on delicate tissue and providing protection against longer-term damage caused by overstretching the penis.

Finally, it has been proven scientifically that using these penis extension devices will improve erectile function so you can enjoy sex with your partner without worrying about premature ejaculation or performance anxiety!

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Phallosan Forte: Best For Penis Enlargement


  • 95% Success Rate
  • Vacuum adhesive technology
  • 3000g Tension
  • Additional support rod system
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Safe and comfortable
  • 2-years full money-back guarantee on spare parts


  • Sold Exclusively Online
  • To expensive

What You Can Gain

Phallosan Forte is the best way to increase penis size. The vacuum adhesive technology and hypoallergenic material allow for a more comfortable fit that is gentle on the skin, so you don’t need to worry about any allergic reactions or skin irritation.

Phallosan Forte is a safe and effective way to increase the size of your penis. An extensive study was done on this penile enlargement device, which has been proven to increase penis size by up to 25%! This innovative design also offers 3000g tension, meaning that it provides maximum comfort while still being efficient in its results.

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MaleEdge: Best-Selling Penis Extender


  • Danish Design technology
  • Comfortable for day-long wear
  • Medically approved organic material
  • Calibrated for simple adjustment
  • Well documented and Safe
  • Penile curvature correction
  • 1-Year Money-back guarantee


  • Available online for purchase
  • Stores Run Out Of Inventory

What You Can Gain

Male Edge penis girth extender is a Danish Design technology that has been clinically proven to provide you with longer and stronger erections. Male Edge comes in adjustable size, so it’s easy to find the perfect match for your needs.

The design of the male edge allows for comfortable day-long wear without any discomfort and pain.

The MaleEdge penis extender uses traction technology which creates an airtight seal while at the same time applying tension. These two processes together stimulate natural tissue growth so that your erections can last longer.

Moreover, Male Edge offers penile curvature correction that helps men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease or other issues affecting their penis size, such as benign prostate enlargement (BPH). Male edge is among the top-selling extenders since 2010.

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SizeGenetics: Best For Peyronie’s Disease


  • Massive 2,800g of tension
  • 16-way Ultimate Comfort System
  • Simple To Use and light-weight
  • High success rate around 92%
  • FDA Cleared Medical Device
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


  • Sells out frequently
  • Reports of discomfort
  • Slow to show an effect

What You Can Gain

The SizeGenetics penis enhancer is the world’s most popular and best penis extender as per the British Journal. This penile extension device has been clinically proven to add inches to your length, width and improve erectile function. Get the results you deserve and unleash your true potential with SizeGenetics.

SizeGenetics works by stretching the penis over a period of time and increasing blood flow and oxygenation to the area, making it grow with each use.

The penis stretching system includes a high success rate of 92%, so you know that it will work for you too! The 2800g tension will help you achieve gains faster, and the 16-way Ultimate Comfort System will ensure comfort during every wear session.

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Jes-Extender: Best For Improving Erections


  • 500,000 satisfied customers
  • 28% Permanent Growth
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Only available Online
  • Sells out frequently
  • High Priced
  • Bulky in use

What You Can Gain

Jes-Extender is a penis extender with 500,000 satisfied customers, and 28% experienced permanent growth. Jes-Extender is among the first few penis enlarger devices in Europe to prescribe as the best penis extender for patients with erectile dysfunction.

Jes-extender is a penis girth extender that you can wear discreetly under your clothing all day or during sleep.

The effects of using a Jes-extender for an extended period will be noticeable as you’ll notice the penis growth, thickness, and hardness after just four weeks! Jes-Extender works to treat penile curvature or after surgical correction in patients who suffer from Peyronie’s disease.

What is a Penis Extender, and How Does It Work?

A penis extender is a device that attaches to your penis in order to stretch it. The goal of this stretching is to provide a bigger penis and help with erectile dysfunction.

Many men who suffer from ED use an extender because they have difficulty achieving an erection on their own. You simply need to follow 3 steps to and you’ll gain up to 3 inches in length!

  1. Wear Your Penile Traction Device

A penis extender works by applying constant tension to the penis on a daily basis. This stretching tension applied to the penis is called penile traction, which is the basis behind the science of penile traction devices.

  1. Microscopic Tears

A microscopic tear is painless and does not interfere with the normal functions of your penis. Exposing the penis to constant traction, microscopic tears begin to form new tissues along the shaft of the penis.

  1. Mitosis & Cytokinesis

The penis tissue cells repeatedly divide to fill in the gaps caused by the penile traction device through mitosis & cytokinesis and create new tissue for a longer and larger penis.

An Excellent Penile Extender must include:

Double Strap System(DSS)

The medical-grade silicone hose that is used in the double strap system provides 2 times more support than a single strap.

This is due to the fact that the entire penis is encompassed by a medical-grade sleeve and it can move naturally without any restriction or pulling on your skin.

It also provides 2 times more protection against slippage, which will result in less discomfort for you during use.

Comfort Pads

People wear penis extenders for a variety of reasons. Comfort pads extend the time worn by 3 times, and are perfect for those with unique sizes or shapes.

Comfort pads are made out of a special material that provides superior cushioning, meaning you can extend your wearing period without feeling any discomfort. They also provide protection from chaffing and rashes caused by prolonged usage.

Hypoallergenic Materials

Wearing a penis extender can be uncomfortable and not pleasant for the wearer, which is why it’s crucial to have light weight materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

The medical certification that it goes through ensures that you are getting the best of the best when choosing a extender.

Rod, Belt, and Weight Expander System

The Rod, Belt, and Weight Expander System is a key component of a penis extender. The proper adjustment is important in order to provide proper support for the penis while it’s being extended.

This can be achieved with the proper use of the weight expander system that provides comfort and discreetness during usage.

Benefits of wearing the best penis extenders:

Lengthen and thicken your penis

A penis extender works by applying constant tension on the shaft, which causes cells in the tissue to divide more quickly.

This helps increase blood flow when you get aroused offering a bigger penis, improving erections, and allowing more control over ejaculations.

Strength a bent or curved penis

It is a fact that many men have an issue with the curvature of their penis. This is the reason why peoples are interested in trying out the best penis extenders.

The regenerative powers of these penile enhancement devices can strengthen and straighten your shaft with penis muscle building while you wear it.

Better and Longer erection

Men who suffer erectile dysfunction often have to worry about not being able to please their partners in bed. Penis extensions device work by increasing blood flow through the penile tissues to give you a better and stronger erection for more pleasurable sex and improved overall sexual health!

Boost stamina and Self-Confidence

A man’s sexual confidence is closely tied to their penis size. penis extenders can increase sexual stamina and improve confidence in bed.

Each individual can explore one’s full physical potential to experience powerful orgasms that will make them cry out in ecstasy.

Treating Peyronie’s Disease with Penis Extender Device

Many people suffer from Peyronie’s disease, which is a condition that causes the penis to curve. It occurs when the penis develops scar tissue during an injury. This can cause pain and make it difficult to have harder erections.

This can be a very embarrassing problem, and it can make sex difficult or impossible.

There are treatments for Peyronie’s disease, but one of the most effective ones is using a penis extender, which involves stretching the penis in order to reduce or eliminate scars and regain correct curvature.

A penis stretcher can be used against this debilitating disease. The device works by stretching the shaft skin so that it will not contract and cause curvature during erection.

What to Look for in the Top Penis Traction Devices

Medical grade device

If you want to increase penis length or girth, the penis extenders must be your first choice with 100% hypoallergenic materials. Aluminum should also be used because it is lightweight, and low-quality materials can cause skin irritation and other problems down the line.


When considering cost, it’s also worth looking at how long you want to use the device. Penis extenders can be used for years. If you’re going to use it for a short time period, then spending more money might not make sense.

However, if you plan on using it for an extended period of time (2-3 years or more), then investing in a higher quality device might help ensure better results and increase longevity.

Safety and Comfort

Safety should be a top priority for anyone who is using a penis extender. A device that feels good looks safe, and is comfortable will have a much higher conversion rate than one that does not meet these standards.

You must take precautions to avoid any infection or moisture build-up. Penis enlarger comes in different penis sizes for the best fit.

Comfort is of utmost importance while using a penis stretcher; after all, one needs to wear a penis enlargement device for 5 to 6 hours regularly.

Amount of Tension

The tension applied by a penis extender is an important factor for its functionality. If the tension is too low, it will be ineffective and if the tension is too high, it can cause injury to the penis.

Keep in mind that there are many different penile extenders on the market with varying degrees of tension applied by them. Some penile extenders provide an adjustable degree of tension while others have preset levels of pressure.

Positive Customer Reviews

When you’re shopping for an extender, it’s important to understand the different benefits and drawbacks of each one.

One factor that can help you decide is reading customer reviews. Customers who have used the product will be able to tell you what they liked about it and what they didn’t like so much. Positive penis extender reviews are usually a good sign because these customers were happy with their purchase!

Money-Back Guarantee

Penis extenders are a relatively new product that is not heavily regulated by the FDA.

Before you buy one, there are several things you should consider money-back guarantee is one of them, No matter which penis traction device you choose, it must be backed by a money-back guarantee and good customer feedback.

Money-back guarantees with extended periods is also available on enlargement medical grade devices. They are the indication of the effectiveness and legitimacy of penis enlargement products.

What you should know before you use a penis extender:

A Penis extender works slowly

Penis stretching devices are not genie wishes. One is required to worn it for at least 5 to 6 hours in the initial days. One should be ready to invest at least 6 to 12 months on a regular basis.

It takes months–sometimes years–to see results with this type of device. If you’re looking for something that will give you an instant boost then I’m afraid this probably won’t be the right option for you.

Penis stretching devices may feel uncomfortable at first

When you first start using a penile extension device, it’s not uncommon to feel like nothing is happening. This initial phase of wearing the best penis traction device can be frustrating for some men who are eager to see results.

The truth is that this tension and hurry on your part will only slow down progress in the long run.

It’s important to start slow

Imagine a force of 4 to 8 pounds applied to one’s penis for hours, each day for months. The best way to ensure comfortability is by starting with less than 30% of your desired time on the device in order to stretch out your tissues gently.

Follow the instruction carefully and don’t be in a hurry. The bulkiness and tension generally feel uncomfortable initially, but one gets habituated to it as the day passes.

Penis extenders have limits

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there are limits to what penis extenders can do for you. Penis extenders work by applying gentle pressure over time in order to stimulate tissue growth and make your penis bigger.

This is a great way of increasing penile length, width, or both if you have some extra cash lying around! But here’s the catch: it can give you up to a 28% increase in length and 19% girth beyond which you must look for another option.

The results may vary

When it comes to penile extenders, you may have heard that people experience different results. It is important to understand that wearing penis extenders may not provide the same results as wearing them for shorter periods of time; physical health and exercise also play a factor in how well they work.

One can expect an increase of 20%-28% in length and 15%-19% in girth which can be extended using other enhancement techniques.

Precaution to be taken while using a penis extender:

Needs to use regularly

Penis extender work by applying traction force, which causes cells on the penis to divide and multiply through mitosis and cytokinesis. The body then builds new cells to replace those broken down tissue by traction force to make the penis bigger over time. This could take months, and one needs to apply the tension daily.

Follow the instructions

It’s not every day that someone decides to buy a penis extender, so it is understandable if you are unsure about how to use one.

It is important that you follow the instructions in case using a penis traction device to enhance your penis length.

Negligence in usage can cause increased sensitivity, penile edema, or hematoma; discomfort includes pain on erection or at the base of shaft and bruising of skin folds.

Check the setting periodically

You need to make sure that the penis enlarger is well-calibrated and tension is set correctly in order for your penis tissue not to suffer any damage.

The penis stretcher comes with different penis sizes adjustment settings so it fits snugly against your penis with enough tension and doesn’t slide off of your penis during use.

Difference Between a Penis Stretcher and a Penis Sleeve

The Penis Stretcher has been a staple of the male enhancement industry for decades. In fact, if you are wondering why it has stayed on top for so long, here is your answer: because it works!

The penis stretcher will make your penis larger and thicker in just weeks (or even days) while the penis sleeve can only give you short-term gains at best. Why go with something that won’t work when there is a product that CAN?

With so many new inventions and innovations, it can be difficult to make sense of them all.

Penis stretchers are being used more than ever before because they offer a way for men to increase their size without expensive surgery or pills that have dangerous side effects. Cock sleeves are still popular too, but why not try something different?

Penis stretchers can be worn under clothes, so you don’t need to worry about people knowing what you’re up to (unless of course, it’s one of those days where everyone knows your business).

A cock sleeve on the other hand is something that cannot be hidden. It does not stretch anything but your ego when worn publicly because its only use is providing pleasure during sexual intercourse.

The penis stretcher will provide more sexual satisfaction during intercourse with its rubber-like material and adjustable straps; while the cock sleeve can only do so much before it falls off or becomes uncomfortable.

Penis stretchers and penis pumps give you the same benefits as a cock sleeve but they also help with erectile dysfunction problems or Peyronie’s Disease.

However, when it comes to choosing between the two enhancement devices for males there is no question that penis stretchers should be given priority over cock sleeves!

Alternatives to Using a Penile Traction Device

Penis Pumps

A penis pump is a device that creates suction around the penis, which causes blood to flow into the area and stimulate tissue growth.

This process can take up to six months or more for results, but it’s worth it! You may have heard about other products and creams that claim they can increase your size quickly – these are false promises.

If you want real results, then a penis pump is the way to go!

Male Enhancement Pills

Penis extenders are a popular male enhancement product that has been around for decades. The problem with most penis extenders is that they can be difficult to use and require a lot of commitment on the part of the user.

Male enhancement supplements, on the other hand, have become increasingly more popular in recent years because they allow you to gain all the benefits without any of the hassles.


Jelqing is an ancient male enhancement technique that has been used for centuries. It’s the perfect alternative to our best penis extenders, which can be expensive and uncomfortable.

Jelqing is a manual technique that involves massaging the penile shaft from base to head while pulling on the skin of the penis in order to erect it and encourage blood circulation. By doing this at least three times per day, you can experience more growth and length than ever before.

Penile Enlargement Surgery

The male anatomy is a complicated thing. It’s not just about your small penis, but it’s also about how you use it! That’s why many men are looking for ways to improve their male abilities in order to be more confident and better lovers.

One way that some people have tried is Penile Enlargement Surgery, which can cost thousands of dollars and has potential risks associated with it. These types of surgical procedures can give you quick results.

How to use a penile traction device for best results

Using a penis enlargement device can be a life-changer for many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

For some, it is the only treatment that has been successful in treating their condition and improving their sex life.

They work by applying gentle, constant pressure over time on the penile tissue, which causes cells within the tissues to divide and multiply.

This process is called cytokinesis and it results in new tissue forming as well as increased blood flow into the area that increases cell growth. The end result is improved penile length and girth with the use of traction medical devices.

To use the penis extender device you need to follow simple steps:

  1. Place your penis inside the penis extender and secure it with a constriction ring.
  2. As you secure it over your penis set the tension level as prescribed.
  3. Tighten the penile extender with the help of straps arms attach to the base to impose a light stretch to the penis.
  4. Wear it for 4 to 6 hours per day. Take a break between sets of 2 hours.
  5. Massage your penis in between sets to increase circulation.

Are Penis Extenders Safe to Use?

A penis extender is a device that attaches to the base of your penis and puts pressure on it. The idea behind this is that by increasing the blood flow to your penis, you can have penis growth size.

Penile extender device is safe and natural – there won’t be any need to buy expensive surgeries that may come with adverse side effects; moreover, people won’t have to go through risky procedures to enjoy sex again like before.

However, there are some risks associated with average penis enlargement products because they might cause damage to your penis or lead to other complications down the line.

How Much Do Penis Enlargers Cost?

Penis enlargers can be a great way to make your penis bigger. However, there are many different penis enlarger options and it’s important to do the research before you buy anything.

Since you are reading this best penis extenders review I am assuming that you gona buy one. Wondering how much do they cost? The cost of penis enlargers is something that many people are curious about, but few want to risk spending money on.

For those who have the desire for a larger penis length and girth, there are many options including the best, cheapest and worst.

The most affordable penis extender can be purchased from many penis extenders selling websites for prices ranging from $40 to over $300! Affordable penis extender price varies depending on what type you buy, how much time you spend using penis enlargement device each day and whether you want instructions/support. Surprisingly the amount you need to spend for traction method is one-tenth of what you need to spend in penile enlargement surgery.

Our Top Pick: Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro is the best penis extender choice for men who are looking to increase both their length and girth. Its second-generation system provides 4000g of spring tension, which means it can be used by a wide range of users.

The material used in Quick Extender Pro makes this device hypoallergenic so that you won’t have any skin irritation or discomfort from wearing it all day long. And with 6 different comfort pads included in your purchase, you’ll never want to take off your new toy! If you’re ready to see results in as little as six months, then visit official website for more information about how Quick Extender Pro will give you the larger manhood size that every guy wants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Penis Extenders Really Work?

There are many different options for those looking to address a sexual condition, but a penis extender might be the most effective.

Penis stretchers have been scientifically proven to increase both penis size and stamina without riskier side effects or expensive costs associated with surgery or other methods.

A combination of a penis traction device and a penis pump can do wonders for an individual.

Do Penis Extenders Provide Permanent Penis Length?

The answer to this question is not as black and white as you may think. While some men have seen permanent size gains with penis extenders, others see no change in the long term.

The truth is that it’s possible for any man to see a permanent size gain in their small penis with penis enhancers, but there are also many other factors involved in determining whether or not they will experience a permanent penile size gain.

How Long Does It Take for a Penis Enlargement Device to Work?

Penis extenders have been used for decades to help men with ED, but more recently, they have become popular as a way to increase penis length and girth.

The average time it takes for a penis enlargement device to work can vary, but on average males report an increase in penis length of 2 inches within six months. Male enhancement devices are not a magic pill that will instantly make your penis big and hard; they take time to show results.

What Type of Results Can I Expect?

If you’ve been struggling with a sexual condition affecting your ability to enjoy sex or penile size, consider trying a penis extensions device.

These penis stretchers are proven to be effective in helping those who suffer from these issues and provide permanent and natural results without the need for pills or surgery.

What is penile traction therapy?

Penile traction therapy is a non-invasive treatment that can be used to help treat ED. Men who suffer from ED often use this type of therapy to improve their sexual performance and physical health.

The procedure involves attaching a device to the penis in order to stretch it, which has been shown to increase blood flow when done properly. The penis traction method is most commonly performed by medical professionals as part of an in-office consultation.

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