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There are apps for everything, including period control. Here are 5 of the best apps that can help you keep track of your symptoms and sex life.

Technology has made great strides in all aspects, including the health of the period. This slandered area of ​​interest is the one that needs a lot of research and support, as many women have difficulty suffering from pain and chronic deterioration until the time.

Menstrual technology, a frightening term that is not as dramatic as it sounds, usually depends on tracking the days of the period and controlling symptoms. Although very simple, its use is extremely useful for women with irregular periods or simply for women who want to know better how their body works.

Here are 5 apps to control the period:

Flo is one of the most popular fans of the era, with over 150 million users. While it does the standard job of tracking the period, it also provides a space where people can discuss their symptoms and, for an additional fee, contact experts who can provide information and education in person.

Some of Flo’s advantages include the fact that the app uses AI to create accurate predictions of the period and numerous wellness guides that can provide a better understanding of people’s sexual health.

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Eve by Glow is designed for menstruation who want to monitor their sexual periods and habits. While there is a pay wall, with a single payment you can access all of the app’s features for life, including features that can help you when you’re trying to conceive and with postpartum life.

Eve is very inclusive and allows for a variety of sexual activities, symptoms, and scenarios that not all applications have.

Apple wants to help you manage your iPhone addiction
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The Health app, which is already installed on your iPhone, is a great way to keep track of your symptoms. If you don’t want to add any additional software to your phone or distrust other apps, this is a good idea for you. Since the app keeps track of other things related to your health, it may not be as full of images, but it remains a good choice for most people.

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Cycles is a free application, very simple and easy to use. The feature that sets it apart from the rest is the fact that with a paid subscription, you can share all your data with your partner, keeping you both on point when it comes to periods, ovulation cycle, and more.

Clue is one of the oldest applications in the game. It’s reliable and easy to use, with few ads and features that make it difficult to navigate the app. Today is a long way to go.

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