4 Reasons to Attend a Social Equity Summit


White men make up the majority of executive positions in all industries. Cannabis, for a time, was about to break this trend. Despite the industry’s recent focus on social equity and diversity, women and minority ownership are plummeting.

How reported by MJBizDaily, the proportion of women in senior positions fell from 36.8% in 2019 to 22.1% in 2021. Minorities were even worse, from 28% in 2019 to just 13% in all the country in 2021.

He National Association of Cannabis Companies (NACB) has taken note. To draw attention to the problem and offer solutions, the Association will host a social equity summit on December 9, 2021. Here are four compelling reasons to attend.

This Conference is Gamified

The NACB 2021 Social Equity Summit, “Race Forward: The Future of Social Equity,” will take place on the Hyperfair platform, hosted by the Emerging Virtual Cannabis Conference.

This virtual reality platform offers attendees the opportunity to interact as avatars in a virtual conference center. Explore an exotic virtual world as a character of your own design.

Participants can personalize their avatars, exchange business cards, contact each other via video chat or messaging, and attend a series of virtual sessions.

Action options encourage the participation of other attendees. Raise your hand to ask a question, dance a template if you like humor, or clap after a lively discussion.

Become an equity expert

The NACB has developed a concise set of sessions with useful knowledge. After the event, attendees should have a thorough understanding social equity of cannabis, its challenges and solutions.

The first session, “Ending the War on Drugs: Today’s Solutions Come from Our Past,” will focus on intergenerational trauma in minority communities caused by the cannabis ban. This topic serves as a good introduction to the rest of the day’s sessions.

The second discussion, “The Consequences of Imprisonment: Out of Prison but Never Free,” continues the examination of the war on drugs.

Those arrested for non-violent cannabis offenses still face persecution for their crimes once released. The aim is to change the governmental and social systems that serve to oppress criminals once their time is up.

You can become an ally for change

The next panel will focus on the future of social equity programs and how to boost investment in the communities most affected by the cannabis ban.

Whether you’re looking to invest or you’re looking to invest, this discussion should be profitable.

There are also many associations in the cannabis space focused on creating a fair industry for minorities through investment financing.

These associations will be explored during the conference. Find out how you can become a partner or support the work they are doing.

NACB Summit concludes with stories of social equity licensees. Panelists discuss their travels, struggles and successes focusing on how to improve the industry in the future.

Attendance is FREE and supports a worthy cause

While 2021 has been a bad year for cannabis diversity, there is still hope for change. You can help yourself by educating yourself and your peers with expert knowledge.

Registration for this summit is free and donations are welcome. Register here to register.

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