4 common habits that could slow down metabolism


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Just a few simple tricks can make your metabolism an efficient machine for burning energy again.

Metabolism is the process our body follows to create energy, keeping us moving and alive. It is a very complex mechanism, which is often associated with the amount of calories we burn daily; a faster metabolism means more calories burned.

While this is true, increasing your metabolism is not an easy thing to do, especially if you have been doing things for years to slow it down. Each body has its own way of functioning, influenced by genes and lifestyle. However, some habits we make in our daily lives may be slowing down our metabolism. Here are some common habits you should avoid for better metabolism:

You eat too little

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Not feeding your body when you are hungry will basically train you to accumulate calories and slow down your metabolism. You need enough food to keep your body running. When you introduce fewer calories into your body, it will probably go into starvation mode, which will cause muscle mass to be used as fuel. Metabolism slows down to preserve energy.

You are drinking too much alcohol

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When alcohol is consumed, it is first burned as a fuel source. All the lipids and glucose you consumed during meals are transformed into body fat. Alcohol is a substance that requires a lot of metabolic attention, which makes it work hard to detoxify instead of burning calories and generating energy as it should be done.

Sleep schedule interrupted

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Sleep affects all aspects of our lives, for better or for worse. When our body sleeps too much or almost, our metabolism is disrupted. A disturbed sleep program can cause our body to burn fewer calories, increase cortisol levels, and increase our appetite, which can lead to overeating.

Do not refuel after workouts

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It’s important to refuel after workouts, even if you’re not so hungry. Eating an hour after exercise will help your metabolism act faster, which will make you feel more energetic while also making your muscles grow and rebuild when you need them most.

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