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It’s our PED discussion weekend and we are going to talk about the best steroids for beginners today.

Many beginner fitness buffs make the rookie mistake of picking the strongest steroid that they’ve heard of. Let’s go with Trenorol. Wait. Let’s stack three steroids at the same time.

After all, you want to maximize your results and why even bother wasting your time and effort on a ‘beginner-friendly steroid’? Let’s just go full steam instead, right? But that’s where things start to go awry. There are two golden rules of performance enhancement that you’ve got to print and stick somewhere that you can see it every day.

  1. The KISS Rule – Keep it Simple Stupid. If you are a beginner to performance enhancement compounds, like legal steroids, you have to keep it as simple as you possibly can in the beginning. You absolutely cannot go the full Monty and expect things to go trouble-free.
  2. Less is Better – When it comes to legal steroids, more is not always better. In fact, the opposite might be true. The fewer compounds you can use to get to your goals, the better. The easier it is for you to understand how your body reacts to these compounds. This will help you manage your future steroid cycles a lot better. There are people who have followed these two rules and managed to use steroids for years without any serious side effects.

Today, we are going to explain these rules and talk about some of the best steroids for beginners. We will also share a buying guide for newbies who are looking to pick beginner-friendly steroids. Lastly, we have an FAQ where we will answer your questions and clear some doubts. So stay with us.

3 Best Steroids For Beginners

  1. D-BalBest Dianabol Legal Alternative
  2. WinsolBest Winstrol Legal Alternative
  3. TestoPrimeBest Testosterone Legal Alternative

For now, let’s dive straight to our recommendations for beginner-friendly steroids.

#1 – D-Bal – Safe Mass Gainer

We are going to start our list of recommendations with D-Bal. This might ruffle some feathers because D-Bal is an incredibly potent steroid. It is so effective for mass gaining that it now has earned quite a reputation that precedes it. The moment we mention D-Bal, people say things like it’s too strong. The weight gain will be watery and you are going to lose all the gains after you stop it.

Well, we never said that we are not going to recommend steroids that are strong, did we?

Based on our multiple D-Bal runs, we feel that this is a very beginner-friendly steroid that can be managed reasonably easy, provided you follow a few basic rules.

We will also bust all these myths that are being propagated on the internet about D-Bal.

What is D-Bal?

D-Bal is a mass building steroid. That’s the simplest way to explain the appeal behind using this. 9 out of 10 times, athletes hop on to steroids to build muscle mass. That is the primary goal for any and all performance enhancement cycle.

Things like fat loss, muscle hardening, pumps & aesthetics come later. If you too are considering hopping on to steroids to build muscle fast, then D-Bal is your ticket.

It is the legal alternative to Dianabol, the most famous oral mass gaining steroid that was used in the golden era of bodybuilding.

There are numerous reasons why Dianabol was as popular as it was in those days. It could blow any other mass building steroid out of the water with its effectiveness and the speed with which it would kick in.

Secondly, there was a certain aesthetic appeal to the Dianabol physique. It was huge, but it was not puffy. There was a fair bit of hard muscle and vascularity there. Also, Dianabol allowed athletes to stay reasonably lean, while still retaining a fair bit of muscle mass.

That’s exactly what D-Bal does. Only, it does it about 100x safer than Dianabol ever was. That’s partly the reason why it tops this list of beginner friendly steroids.

The Top Reasons to use D-Bal

D-Bal ticks off three of the most important fitness goals that people aim to fulfill with legal steroids.

Builds Mass – Technically, any legal steroid that amplifies your endogenous testosterone levels will help you to gain muscle mass. That’s pretty clear. But D-Bal does it faster and more intensely than anything else does. We assure you that no other legal steroid even comes close to D-Bal in terms of speed at which it promotes lean muscle tissue building. There are science-backed reasons mind you.

D-Bal shifts the nitrogen balance in your body, which alters the rate at which nutrients are delivered to your starved muscle tissue after a workout. Secondly, it bumps up the rate of muscle protein synthesis. Think of it like giving your body a superhuman ability to produce muscle 24/7. Regardless of how hard you are lifting, or how much you are eating, you are just producing muscle. Your body will even build muscle when you are asleep. It’s that effective.

But, there’s one more reason why D-Bal towers over the rest when it comes to building muscle. It has an innate ability to increase Glycogen retention. With more glycogen in your muscle tissue, every cell is now holding 4 grams of water. Think of it like a 10x more effective version of creatine supplementation. Your muscles will just blow up in size.

Makes you stronger – It’s bigger, stronger and faster, right? What good is an anabolic legal steroid if it does not make you stronger? Well, D-Bal will. It will make you the strongest that you’ve ever been in your life. Regardless of whether it is max kipping pull ups or surpassing your previous best deadlift, D-Bal will allow you to cruise past your strength goals. For athletes into competitive sport, it is as good as training with an anabolic steroid. The difference is that this has no banned ingredients that are considered doping by Wada.

Vascular – In most cases, you have to cut to be vascular. Building muscle mass and getting vascular are like two opposite ends of the spectrum. That’s because vascularity is closely linked with the amount of fat you carry. If you carry a lot of fat, there’s only one way for those surface veins to start popping. Your muscles have to become bigger and engorged, pushing the veins closer to your skin surface.

D-Bal does both. It makes your muscles bigger which pushes the veins to the surface and it also burns a slight bit of fat. If you take a look at D-Bal results, you will notice that athletes have become bigger. But it’s not at the sake of their body composition. They are still noticeably lean.

Why is D-Bal a beginner-friendly steroid?

There are three primary reasons that make D-Bal one of the best steroids for beginners.

  1. It works fast – Ask any beginner and they will mention speed, or potency as one of their primary goals from legal steroids. D-Bal is one of the fastest acting steroids that you can find. Most men will gain up to 12-16 lbs. (individual results may vary) in a span of weeks. That’s unprecedented muscle gain.
  2. It is easy to manage – One of the qualities that we look for in a beginner-friendly steroid is ease of use. It has to be easy to manage, both effects and side effects wise. D-Bal ticks both these boxes. The effects are well documented. There’s nothing unpredictable. You will know exactly how your body will react to it. More importantly, you won’t find yourself scampering to find solutions for unexpected things.
  3. It is 100% safe – If you take a look at the D-Bal ingredient list, you will realize that this is one of the safest legal steroids in the world. There’s nothing dubious or suspicious in there. In fact, it may be safer than a run-of-the-mill pre-workout supplement that people use in droves.

How long can you run it?

Technically, you can run D-Bal year round. It’s that safe. But we generally recommend 12-16-week runs at a time for D-Bal. After this, you take a brief break and allow your body to reset. Then you can restart again.

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Will you lose gains after stopping it?

You might lose about 4-6 lbs. of water that your body holds because of the amplified glycogen levels. But losing this will not affect your strength or the actual muscle tissue you have accrued in any way. You will be carrying those for life.

Does D-Bal have any side effects?

None! That’s why we recommend this legal steroid to beginners. It is 100% safe and side effect free. The only potential side effect that you may need to be wary of, is gaining more mass than what you’d anticipated.

Some people are not skilled at calorie monitoring and may end up gaining more mass than they wanted. In some cases, this can be more ‘fat and water’ than they wanted. If you are bothered about gaining more mass, then just ensure that you eat at maintenance or slightly over it. Do not stuff yourself with calories just because you are on a legal steroid. That generally backfires.

Comparison with Dianabol – Side Effects

Last but not the least, how does D-Bal compare with Dianabol in terms of side effects? If you have ever felt tempted to run Dianabol or any other anabolic steroid, then this should be an eye opener for you.

Dianabol Side Effects List

  • Gynecomastia
  • Water retention
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Acne
  • Hair Loss
  • Liver Stress and Jaundice in extreme cases
  • Low libido
  • Testosterone shut down
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Estrogen related side effects

D-Bal side effects list

  • May cause you to gain more muscle mass than you’d wanted
  • The strength gain can be difficult to keep track of, which may cause injuries
  • You may gain a little fat if you are not vigilant about your diet

Our thoughts – D-Bal is the best steroid for beginners. It’s fast acting, it is potent and it is predictable. No side effects, no illegal chemicals and no toxic bull crap to be bothered of. Go try it and change your body.

#2 – Winsol – The All-Round Beginner Steroid

Generally, Winstrol, the anabolic steroid is not recommended for inexperienced athletes.

It is used by professional bodybuilders who are looking to get shredded and ripped in the last few days leading up to their on-stage appearance.

That’s because it is a terrific cutting steroid. But despite the positives, it is a very difficult steroid to manage.

That’s where Winsol shines. It is Winstrol without the negatives. If you are just coming off a D-Bal cycle and have gained more mass than what you’d anticipated, use Winsol to get shredded. It will peel off the extra fat, it will harden your muscles, and it will flush out any excessive water that you are holding.

Unlike the real Winstrol, Winsol is a gentle and safe legal steroid, which makes it ideal for beginner use. But, beyond all of this, there’s one reason why Winsol made it to this list of beginner friendly steroids.

Aren’t you eager to discover what that is? Here are some of the primary benefits of using Winsol.

Top reasons to use Winsol

Winsol in our opinion defines the perfect legal anabolic compound for the modern bodybuilder. That’s why it is wildly popular with the current fitness-obsessed generation.

Muscle-ripping pumps – Pumps might not sound like the perfect reason to start using a legal steroid. But when you start to experience the crazy muscle fullness 24/7, you will realize that it makes your body appear more aesthetic. The muscles will be noticeably bigger. They look harder too with vascularity to top it off. Imagine having biceps pumped enough to rip out of your T-shirt for as long as you are using Winsol.

To add to this, it has a strong anabolic effect stemming from the endogenous testosterone that it boosts. Different people react differently to this. Some find that their shoulders just blow up in size, while others have a more pronounced effect on their traps. Don’t be surprised if someone in the gym just walks up to you and asks if you are on gear. Winsol will create the on-gear look.

Strength – We feel that strength has a critical role to play in the way your body will transform. If you are not strong enough, then it affects your performance in the gym. A legal steroid will definitely create the perfect anabolic atmosphere which should allow your body to grow much faster.

But without the strength to back it up, you are doing things with one hand tied behind your back. On the other hand, if your strength matches your rate of recovery and muscle growth, you will be experiencing results like you’ve never seen before.

Also, don’t discount the fact that this first run of legal steroids won’t be your last. Think about what happens when you start to use legal steroids regularly. The strength that you gain with Winsol will help you set the benchmark. The harder you lift, more stress your muscles are under. This will stimulate new growth and new muscle nuclei. Something that you will carry and retain for life.

You can probably get away with a steroid that’s not as powerful in increasing strength, as Winsol or D-Bal are. But these two will definitely help you build a stronger foundation.

Definition – This is a trait that is unique to a handful of legal steroids. Winsol is probably the most effective one for this purpose. It will cut you up by accelerating fat loss. But at the same time, it will also harden your muscle tissue.

Rather than looking inflated and engorged with water, your muscles look like they’ve been cut out of hard granite instead. This is partly achieved by flushing out any excessive water that you might be holding. It’s not a conventional diuretic effect, mind you. We absolutely despise diuretics because they are too harsh on your kidneys and serve too small a purpose to be used separately in performance enhancement.

That’s where Winsol differs. It has an innate ability to flush out subcutaneous water. This makes your skin appear paper thin with rock hard muscles and veins to boot. It is the most aesthetic steroid you will ever use.

Aggression – A lot of beginner legal steroid users want to get a taste of the added energy that one gets with gear. Try Winsol. If you perform compound lifts that require an explosive bout of strength, like say, a heavy clean and jerk, or an overhead squat, then Winsol will power your lifts.

This is different from the energy boost that one gets with caffeine and other stims, mind you. This is more of a surge in energy and a transformation in mood when you need it the most. Some men call it being Alpha. When you walk into that gym, you know that you are going to nail your lifts today. It’s a change in mindset that will have a positive effect on all aspects of your life.

Why is Winsol beginner friendly?

Our checklist for selecting a steroid that is fit for beginners remains the same. With Winsol, there are three reasons that justify its addition to this list.

  1. It is a well-rounded steroid – While D-Bal was more of a mass builder with other, supplementary benefits, Winsol is a well-rounded steroid. It will give you great pumps, it burns fat, it hardens your muscle, flushes out water and adds vascularity on top of it all. There’s very little that it cannot do, that won’t help a first time steroid user.
  2. It is a versatile steroid – While it does not have a USP like D-Bal does, it is versatile enough to fit into any fitness plan. You can add it to your supplement routine when you are cutting. You can add it to a bulk. You can run it for maintenance. Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, Winsol has a role to play.
  3. It is an aesthetic booster – Aesthetics are one of the primary reasons why every athlete considers using a legal steroid. Winsol shines in this regard. Be it the beach holiday or the fitness model looking to get peeled for their photo shoot, it will get the job done, and that too in little time.

How long can you run it?

Winsol is such a gentle legal steroid that athletes often run it year round in low doses. So if you want to know the longest time you can run this, it’s 365-days. But do you use Whey Protein for 365-days? Or Creatine Monohydrate? Most athletes will consider taking a break, which allows their bodies some much needed rest.

Think of Winsol like that. If you run it for say 4-6-months, consider taking a short break after a while. A rule of thumb that we follow is to take a break that’s 25% of the longest run that we’ve done with the steroid. So, if you ran Winsol for 8-months, take a 2-month break. If you’ve run it for 16-weeks, take a 4-week break and so on.

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Will you lose your gains after you stop using it?

Winsol’s gains are easier to maintain than the gains that you make with other steroids, like Trenorol. You are essentially increasing the supply of nutrients to your muscle tissue, boosting endogenous testosterone and amplifying muscle protein synthesis.

These form the fundamentals of anabolism. It’s not like a short term boost in water retention that you will lose soon after. Yes, your pumps might reduce a little, you might regain some of the water Winsol helped you flush out. But overall, the difference will not be night and day, if that’s what you worry about.

What are Winsol’s side effects?

Winsol is a 100% natural and safe legal steroid. It has been around for over 2 years and there are millions of athletes who have used it safely.

So far, the only side effects that we’ve heard of, are mild headaches & excessive urination during the first few days of using the compound. Once your body adjusts to the ingredients, this will fade away and you should have no problems using Winsol.

But if you are running it for months, we would recommend that you halve the dose to avoid overloading your systems.

Comparison with Winstrol – Side Effects

We have come across posts on Reddit that call Winstrol ‘Winny’. If that made it sound like you are using a Winnie the Pooh inspired candy, you are mistaken. Winstrol is a very toxic compound.

  • Hair loss
  • Severe liver toxicity
  • High BP
  • Painful cramps
  • Poor Lipids
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Testosterone shut down
  • Gynecomastia
  • Nipple leakage

That’s just a basic list of side effects that Winstrol can cause.

In comparison, here’s what you experience with Winsol

  • Mild headaches
  • Excessive Urination for a few days

That’s pretty evident, isn’t it?

Our thoughts – Try Winsol if you are looking for a ripped and shredded physique. It’s incomparable in terms of aesthetics and can produce the most insane pumps you’ll ever experience. Visit Winsol official website for latest discount price.

#3 – TestoPrime – The Base Legal Steroid for All Beginners

Our third and final recommendation in this list of beginner-friendly steroids is TestoPrime. Remember what we told at the onset about athletes picking the strongest goal-specific steroid available?

Its human nature to pick something that potentially offers the most benefits. Want to bulk up? Let’s go for D-Bal. Want to cut? Let’s go for Clen. We veer towards the perceived benefit.

But, we tend to forget that sometimes, all that we need is good old testosterone to achieve all of this.

Testosterone is still the building block of all things anabolic. It is the primary androgen. It is the base endogenous hormone we need to kickstart the muscle building process. It can accelerate lipolysis, boost libido and improve your mood.

Doesn’t that sound like the perfect performance enhancing compound? But there’s a conundrum that athletes are increasingly facing. There are hardly any legal steroids that are testosterone-centric.

The only two effective ones that we’ve seen are Testomax and Testoprime. For beginners, we recommend Testo Prime. Here’s why.

The top benefits of using Testo Prime

TestoPrime makes for such an effective beginner steroid because it boosts your endogenous testosterone levels to the highest that it has ever been. Think of it like a maximum TRT dose of testosterone.

Have you seen the transformation that the average man undergoes on TRT? Now consider all the positives of TRT in a performance enhancement setting. That sums up TestoPrime for you.

Muscle Builder – TestoPrime will stimulate your body to produce more testosterone. Once again, the extent to which your T levels are boosted will depend on your current T levels, your age and your body conditioning. But most men have mentioned a marked improvement in their serum T and Free T levels, almost to the peak of baseline.

That’s incredible without supplementing with exogenous, synthetic hormones. Most men hop on a lifetime of injections to get results like those. When your Testosterone levels reach the peak of baseline, it will begin a series of transformations beginning at the DNA level. Your body will produce more neurotransmitters that relay vital messages related to tissue growth. The Testosterone interacts with nuclear receptors that are present in your DNA. This results in increased muscle protein synthesis.

Then lastly, more testosterone will also increase the levels of other anabolic hormones, such as DHT, IGF-1 & growth hormone. The combination of all these hormones will result in a completely anabolic atmosphere.

Fat Burner – The health and supplement industry sways us into believing that we need fat burners to really burn body fat. No you don’t. At least not all the time. Even endogenous testosterone can amplify fat metabolism, increasing energy expenditure. Your body will automatically tap into your stored fat reserves to power your basic metabolic tasks.

You will burn more ‘fat’ for routine tasks like walking around at home, picking things up and even breathing. If you look up at TRT transformations, one of the most dramatic differences is in the amount of fat that the person carries. That’s what TestoPrime can do for you.

Mood & Libido – All the talk about strength, muscle and fat can almost make you forget that steroids are also about an improvement in your overall wellness. With Testo Prime, your overall wellness will be dramatically improved. You will notice that your mood is way better. You feel confident and willing to take on the most strenuous tasks without breaking a sweat. In fact, there are studies that show that TestoPrime can reduce stress by up to 71.6%. That’s way better than any synthetic antidepressant.

Your libido and sexual performance will amplify. Your ability to solve complex problems (cognitive performance) improves as well. In a nutshell, it makes you a better version of yourself. The transformation is not merely physical though. It’s equally mental and psychological. TestoPrime will unleash the alpha male in you.

Why is TestoPrime beginner friendly?

TestoPrime is practically a side effect free way to tap into your body’s own, hormonal reserve. The TRT industry has us believing that we need to resort to exogenous injections to achieve the benefits that we can get with increased testosterone.

That’s just not true. TestoPrime is all the proof you need. Here’s why it makes for a great beginner steroid according to us.

  1. It is based on the fundamentals of anabolism – TestoPrime is based on the three fundamentals of anabolism. That’s nitrogen retention, protein synthesis & RBC production. These three physiological processes can transform the way your body looks. It is the simplest, yet most effective way to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.
  2. It is an endogenous hormone booster – There’s nothing fancy-sounding about a T-Booster. Yet, T-Boosters are more effective than any other legal steroid because they work by boosting the levels of a hormone that your body has always produced. You are not introducing a synthetic analog, or an altered hormone that your body then tries to adapt to. It’s a hormone that your body produces and hence, you are less likely to experience unwanted sides.
  3. It comes with a lifetime money back guarantee – How’s that for assurance? Most first time steroid users are wary of using these supplements because they are unsure of how these compounds work, or whether they work at all. TestoPrime comes with a 100% money back guarantee for life. If at any point of time, the supplement does not boost your T-levels as advertised, you can claim a refund. Plain & simple.

How long can you run it?

TestoPrime is a T-booster with safe, science backed ingredients. You can run this all your life, if need be. There are people pinning themselves with synthetic hormones all their lives. This is definitely safer than that.

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Will you lose gains after stopping it?

Not immediately! That’s the beauty of boosting your own T, rather than supplementing with synthetic analogs. You will be able to take a break from the cycle and continue after a while, without it affecting your hormone levels.

In comparison, an exogenous TRT routine has to be maintained like clockwork. Even if you miss once injection, your T levels will crash.

Comparison with Sustanon-250 – Side Effects

TestoPrime can be the legal alternative to Sustanon-250 or any other synthetic testosterone analog of your choice. Test-E, Test-Cyp, take your pick. This is a 100% safer alternative. Here’s a look at some of the side effects of exogenous Testosterone.

  • Endogenous Testosterone production shutdown
  • Testicular atrophy
  • Gynecomastia
  • Acne
  • Hair Loss
  • Body Hair growth
  • Voice deepening in women
  • Clitoris enlargement in women
  • Cardiac side effects

Now let’s compare the side effects with that of TestoPrime.

  • Increased aggression in the first few weeks
  • Some people tend to hold a little more water
  • Mild acne on the back
  • No other side effects

Our thoughts – TestoPrime is a terrific option for beginner legal steroid users, as well as fitness buffs who wanted to tap into performance enhancement without the risks. It is the base steroid. It will help you understand how your body reacts to these compounds, and also set a great foundation to stack other steroids with.

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Buying Guide – How to select the best steroids for beginners

Now that we have our list of recommendations out of the way, let’s talk about what makes a steroid ideal for beginners and how to select the perfect one.

Understanding ‘Steroids’ – Risk vs. Reward

Every time you consider using a performance enhancement aid, you need to look at it from two perspectives. One is the effect, which is the reward you get by using that steroid. The second is the risk, which is side effects.

When it comes to legal steroids, the second part is eliminated straight away. Barring a few mild side effects, we have never seen a single athlete suffer from any serious side effects with legal steroids. This can make it very tempting to go overboard.

That’s where you need to understand your limitations. If you are a rank beginner, who has never used steroids before, you have what’s called ‘Virgin receptors’ in bodybuilding lingo. In other words, your hormone receptors are like a shiny new Ferrari. Even a basic, beginner steroid will suffice to produce amazing results. You don’t need to overload it with more things than what you can handle.

So, rather than using something as strong as Trenorol, which is a strong, dry-tissue builder and a fat burner in one, go for something like D-Bal instead. It’s more predictable with a high rewards to risk ratio.

Picking wholesome steroids

Goal-specific steroids have their place in a performance enhancement setting. But they are not the be-all, end-all of performance enhancement. As a beginner, you’d get much better results with wholesome steroids.

These are steroids that will produce a little bit of everything. It will boost muscle mass, it will amplify fat loss, it will increase strength, it will pep up your mood and lastly, boost your libido. That’s the kind of compounds you should look to include when you are starting off your bodybuilding journey.

Once you have at least two runs of well-rounded, versatile steroids like D-Bal and TestoPrime, you can consider hopping on to goal-specific options like Tren & Clen.

Leave stacks for later

Stacks are tempting. There’s no doubt about it. They are also extremely effective and in all likelihood will produce better results than a solo run of a legal steroid. That said, they are unnecessary when you are a beginner. Why would you want to overload your endocrine system with more compounds when you can get great results with single compounds?

As tempted as you might be, leave the stacks for later. Bodybuilding is a marathon. Not a 100-meter sprint. So go slow.

Buy Original

The most important tip is this. Always buy from the original website. Just like real anabolic steroids, legal steroids are counterfeited too. In fact, while compiling some data for one of our upcoming reviews, we came across 9 websites selling counterfeit D-Bal.

Legit D-Bal is only available on the CrazyBulk website, or on one of the licensed resellers. Everything else is probably fake, no matter how authentic it looks.

FAQ – Common questions about the best steroids for beginners

As promised, here are some of the common questions that we are asked on email about legal steroids and performance enhancement drugs.

  1. What are steroids for beginners?
  2. It’s an umbrella term used to define steroids that have a favorable risk to rewards ratio, have predictable effects & low side effects. For instance, if you are talking about real anabolic steroids, you’d consider using plain testosterone before using something like Trenbolone. It’s plain math. Similarly, when it comes to legal steroids, the above mentioned ones offer a smoother experience during your first steroid cycle. You will have fewer hiccups.
  3. How are these different from steroids used by pros?
  4. Professional bodybuilders have years of experience with performance enhancement compounds. They know exactly how their body will react to a particular compound. Will it produce favorable results? What will be the shortcomings? Will the shortcomings be manageable?

But as a beginner, you don’t have the faintest idea about these things. That’s why beginner steroids are recommended. These steroids generally produce excellent results for athletes regardless of their fitness goals. Beginner steroids will help you understand your body’s advantages and shortcomings. For instance, some people react way better to A-Drol than they do to D-Bal. But there’s only one way to find out, right?

  1. Can you use beginner steroids back to back?
  2. There’s nothing stopping you from doing so. If you are bothered about side effects, then there’s no need to be. These beginner steroids are safe for continual runs. Having said that, it is always better to run these for short time spans and take breaks.

This will reduce the load on your endocrine system and give your body some time off.

  1. Are beginner steroids weaker in terms of results?
  2. Lol! They aren’t. All three beginner steroids that we have mentioned in this list are incredibly potent. They produce great results even for pro bodybuilders. So be rest assured that these are not some watered down variants. These are as powerful as any other legal steroid is.

Closing thoughts

We hope that this list of recommendations helps you make an informed choice. D-Bal, Winsol & TestoPrime are fine choices for a first-time legal steroid run.

They are versatile and tick most of the boxes that athletes look for. In addition to the factors that we have recommended, do consider your overall fitness goals, your age and your current body conditioning before you select a steroid for beginners.

If you are looking to drop fat, TestoPrime or Winsol will be a better choice than D-Bal, although the latter may produce more mass gains. Use common sense while making a selection. Good luck!

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