12 Tips to Find Luxury Home Style for Less


Get the best tips and tricks for unexpected ways to add luxury style to your home for LESS! It’s possible to maximize your budget and achieve the look of luxury home decor for so much less.

You’ll find my tried and true shopping sources and techniques, giving you all the luxury you deserve at a price you can afford!

Originally published January 1, 2018 and updated with fresh content and shopping links June 19, 2021.

It’s no secret (to Chris) that I like the finer things in life. I’ll find myself perusing a magazine or shopping an antique store and everything I’m drawn to makes me fall over in shock when I look at the price tag. I can spot something fabulous from a mile away.

We love adding little touches of luxury to both of our homes, especially when it adds value! Check out our modern motorized roller shades, as well as our Frame tv for some fun ideas to add a little luxe to your own home! 

Love a little luxury in your life? You can even learn how to get vacation vibes at home, creating the ultimate retreat you’ll never want to leave!

I allow myself to have nice things and some of my favorite luxury home decor, but I blend them with less expensive items to maintain a style I love and my budget! Today I’m going to share my tips to a luxury home for less… aka the look for less.

A white kitchen with a French range, vase of flowers sitting on top for luxury home decor.

I love chatting home design details with you! Don’t skip these popular posts about choosing a sofa: Pottery Barn Sofa, Ikea Ektorp, and Sectional Sofas.

Tips to a Luxury Home for Less

Before I show you all my favorite tips and tricks, be sure to head over to my Amazon Storefront where I have curated some incredible deals you’re going to love!

It’s such a surprising source for the look for less – with everything from Studio McGee style to Coastal Modern home decor and so much more.

Shop Outlets

They don’t just carry damaged goods, they also carry overstocks and floor models. I particularly love outlets for down pillow inserts (usually 1/6 the price) and if you’re lucky, curtains.

Here in St. Louis we were lucky to have a Restoration Hardware Outlet for many years, along with our Pottery Barn Outlet store. While the RH has since closed (a sad day for me!) I still love to haunt the aisles of our Pottery Barn outlet every chance I get!

Get to know their sales and their staff. I know to refrain purchasing from the Restoration Hardware Outlet when they’re offering $100 off every $500. I hold out for 30-40% off because I know it’s coming. Remember, it’s only a deal if it’s exactly what you want!

A wooden desk in a home office, vase of flowers and gold stapler on top.

Use Craigslist for Luxury Home Decor

I don’t reserve Craigslist solely for furniture that I want to paint. I seek beautiful pieces of furniture that my favorite luxury stores try to duplicate – with veneer. Having a piece of furniture with history always adds to the beauty.

This also includes thrift stores and garage sales. You can learn the best tips for buying on Craigslist here.

girls bedroom with a beige pin board inspired by the nutcracker sugar plum fairy

Local Artists 

Stray from galleries and seek beautiful paintings and watercolors from local artists. They’re a fraction of the price and will add even more charm to your home.

I find local artisans in my favorite small boutiques and art shows. It’s fun to walk around, connect with the makers, and learn the “why” behind their art.

Real art… fine art from local artists cannot be duplicated. However, if it’s something that you feel strongly about as a luxury home decor item, you might be surprised at how easy it is to find meaningful local art for your home!

A traditional living room, painted white with white furniture and wood accents, neutral art work for luxury home decor.


I look to Etsy for reproductions of popular items and antiques. It’s also a great resource for custom pillow covers in high end fabrics and one-of-a-kind art.

I also use Etsy for adding pretty vintage books to our Book Shelves, and I’ve even bought House Plants! It’s amazing the wide variety of merchandise they carry and I love knowing I am supporting smaller artists and creatives.

Another of my favorite Etsy purchases are Vintage Turkish Rugs! I’ve been amazed at the incredible styles available there, and for incredibly affordable prices compared to local rug dealers.

A girls' bedroom with a white lamp and gold wire words on the wall.

Purchase Used Items

One area where we have really focused on pre-owned items is our girls’ bedrooms. Kids can be so hard on furniture like beds and dressers, so it’s often much more practical and affordable to find used versions of our favorite styles.

Get my Best Paint for Furniture here and my favorite Creamy white paint color that replicates the Pottery Barn kids white!

Antique rugs not only add character and charm to your home, but can be really inexpensive. You can find some favorites in my shop.

Recently, we even purchased a vintage Rattan Bed used! Everything old is new again, right?

wreath in window of a white bedroom in a neutral home.

Pin It

Find something amazing online that you can’t stop thinking about, but it’s out of budget? Pin it! Pinterest will notify you when there is a price reduction.

I recently purchased a set of Pottery Barn baskets that were on clearance for 50% off + an additional 20% coupon and was thankful I waited. Just adjust your settings to make sure you have selected “yes” to receiving price changes on your pins.

How to decorate your home for less - shopping tip from home blogger Julie Blanner
A gold side table with an ipad on top.

Froogle It

Okay, Google discontinued using that name years ago, but I never will. Enter your google search, then click “shopping”. Google compares prices of that item for you! I make a lot of major purchases this way.

I was able to upgrade when purchasing our refrigerator because I found the one I truly wanted at 40% off. To think I almost settled! I also used Google to search for a similar bench, saving me over $1,800 with this find!

This online shopping trick is the same process as How to Find the Source of an Image. If you love an item from an expensive store, save it and search the photo on Google. It really works!

A wooden bench on a porch with pebbled floor, brick house in background.

Craft Stores 

Craft stores have become really great at duplicating high end looks for less. You’d be surprised at the cute and practical luxury home decor items that I’ve found at our local Michael’s!

This vase is an excellent example. I removed twine from it to reveal a vase I saw at another store for $70. I paid $9, using a 40% off mobile coupon.

This large willow laundry basket is a great example… it’s already a great price, but almost always has at least a 20% off coupon too! Laundry feels a little less like a chore when the basket matches the rest of your luxury home, I promise!

A white kitchen with a bead board backsplash, vase of flowers on the counter.

Discount Stores 

Discount stores (hello Home Goods) often carry fabulous home and furniture accent brands. I see $300 lamps for just $30 all.the.time.

They’ll also surprise you with things like Turkish towels (usually $50, but about $10 there) and every now and then Belgian linen curtains. Yessssss.

I love shopping Home Goods for items like bedding, bath, and accessories, of course.

I always surprise myself the most by finding pretty and practical cleaning supplies there! I buy beautiful sturdy brooms, wall hooks, mops, buckets and more… so yes, your Laundry Room and Garage can look luxurious too!

Sister Stores

Stores like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware have “sister” stores Pottery Barn Kids, Pottery Barn Teen and RH Baby and Child. Crate and Barrel owns their lesser expensive CB2. It’s probably one of my favorite tips for luxury home decor for less!

For lighting and accents, I look to their sister stores to see if I can achieve the same aesthetic at a more reasonable price. I just “had” to have this chandelier lamp from Restoration Hardware, but I couldn’t really justify the price – $1,100.

I purchased similar for just $400 – almost 1/3 of the price, from their Baby and Child store!

Rustic Restoration Hardware chairs with a crystal and gold floor lamp for luxury home decor in a white living room.

The Hardware Store

Yes, I shop at the hardware store! I was able to find the same low profile carpet I was looking at at a flooring store at Lowe’s at a deep discount, plus I was able to use a 5% off coupon!

We’ve had great luck with decorative items like window coverings, lighting, flooring and even vanities, furniture and appliances at our local Lowe’s, Home Depot and Menard’s.

A look into a white bathroom with a door slightly ajar. Gold finishes and pink flowers on the vanity. #spabath

I also look to them for furniture (like the bench below), paint, and even our brick and vinyl floors. Our luxury bathroom for less is a perfect example of how to shop your hardware store for an incredible end result! 

farmhouse Christmas decorating ideas that last all winter

Email Lists

I know it can be a pain to get so many emails from your favorite retailers, but it does matter!

Saving 20% on purchases of $1,000+ really helps.  When you sign up for their list, there’s often a first time discount available! In the event you can’t find the look for less elsewhere, you can get the look at a significant discount!

I saved a nice amount on this beautiful rattan headboard! We also saved by just purchasing the headboard versus the bed and adding a bed skirt.

rattan furniture

Floor Models 

A gently used floor model can sometimes be found at more than 50% off. These are particularly great for those rarely used pieces.

Check carefully for damage as those sales are usually final. The two chairs to the right were 60% off floor models!

This can also work for things like appliances, vanities, etc. Just be careful to check for any visible damage and double-check the warranty on items like these.

A white living room with white luxury home decor and a Frame TV over the fireplace.

Create Your Own Art 

This botanical was inspired by a significantly more expensive designer piece and made quickly and inexpensively.

I actually might be the queen of achieving the “look for less” in the art department. Years ago, I realized that much of the art that I loved from my favorite retailers was available for FREE in the public domain.

Yes… gorgeous high end art is often available for free. Go check out my favorite Free Art Sources and my best ideas for Wall Decor here.

Beautiful DIY pressed botanical wall art for a luxury home decor duplicate.

Use Magazines and Catalogs

Use them as a resource to guide you in creating a luxury home for less by utilizing their styling tips!

You can subscribe to your favorite magazines that fit your taste and style for very little investment, and they are bursting with inspiration!

Often, you’ll find makeovers, restorations and renovations that are exclusive to the magazines with images that can’t be found online.

Plus, it’s so relaxing to sip a refreshing beverage and flip those pages. You’ll be surprised at what might inspire you!

Luxury Home decor in a soft neutral dining room with a farm table and linen chairs.

Use Keywords to Find Similar 

(Or just get them in my shop, I’ve done all the work for you) like I did with these luggage racks for the lake cottage guest bedroom.

These stools double as luggage racks. I purchased them for just $17 apiece using “luggage rack” and “folding stool”. Wish I could find more now, I’d put them in every bedroom at the lake, they’re so handy to have.

Find similar Folding Stools (in a nicer quality teak) for a great price here – still beats the original price point by a mile!

patterned carpet in a small white guest bedroom.

The original, a teak stool shown in navy below, is $248.

I’m so excited that I found this slipcovered headboard with a French seam for 1/5th of the cost at Target using the same term. This trick has helped us save so much money through the years.

sling chair on dock by lake

Not only do I often find similar styles, but sometimes I’ll find the same exact item for significantly less! Stores often use the same wholesalers.

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