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The online search industry has undergone a drastic change from previous standards in recent years. For example, we have seen:

  • Improvement in Google search algorithms
  • A critical increase in mobile search
  • Google SERPs are completely redesigned along with some new features.

Google has also recently introduced the continuous scrolling feature. It has made people say goodbye to the front page and hello to infinity. What’s more, we’re also living in zero-click search. It’s because Google answers questions directly to ensure simplicity and convenience. In addition, we have seen new trends in technical aspects of site design.

Therefore, any backlog that doesn’t work properly on your mobile and doesn’t have a user experience won’t reach Google’s top spot.

Essential SEO trends for 2022 that you need to know.

What’s more, it would be useful if you were also what users want. In addition, it is a useful destination for users to serve as a link recommended by Google.

For all this, you need to know the latest SEO trends to follow in 2022.

So here we go:

1. Mobile first is a priority

Being the first mobile is no longer an option for website owners. That’s because mobile-ready experience has become a must-have for everyone. About 68% of all website visits are made via mobile devices. Therefore, optimizing your site for an efficient and seamless mobile experience is a must for 2022. It will also help you to improve the overall results of your SEO strategy.

2. Voice search optimization is key

Search by voice not new here. However, it has arrived …

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