11 NHS ambulances are confident of benefiting from the upgraded mobile communication


Telent has been awarded a contract to upgrade mobile communication devices at the 11 NHS ambulance trusts across England.

Managed by the NHS Ambulance Radio Program (ARP), the contract aims to provide a more efficient and reliable mobile communications platform.

The Mobile Data Vehicle Solution (MDVS) program will involve the installation and maintenance of advanced radio and data services in approximately 5,000 ambulances across England, with the option to include Wales. The contract includes ongoing support for the hardware solution installed over an initial five-year period, with the option to extend for two more years.

Telent will install and support specially programmed Windows tablets as well as a smart vehicle router, providing a new Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) solution for ambulance vehicles.

This will allow the necessary communication and capacity for the National Mobilization Application (NMA), which will provide a standard platform for control rooms to communicate with ambulances.

The award of the contract follows an 18-month contracting process led by ARP.

Ian Hough, director of the ARP program, said: “We are delighted to be working alongside Telent as we strive to provide mission critical communications for NHS Ambulance Trusts across England.

“As a trusted provider of robust and reliable communications and other centralized technology solutions for the emergency services industry, Telent’s collaborative approach and experience ensured that it would be ideally placed to help us replace effectively the communications equipment of all English ambulances “.

The announcement of the contract follows the news that ambulance crews across England they have access to tens of thousands of iPads.

The 30,000 devices will allow ambulance crews to send photographs from the scene of an accident so stroke specialists and other doctors waiting in the emergency services can work directly when the patient arrives at the hospital.

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