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The tuning fork is a small replica of the skateboard that allows Riders to play or recreate skateboard tricks with their middle and index fingers. As soon as it was launched in 1985 and the 1990s, it surprised children and young people and became the most purchased toy in the world. Several skaters try to practice their tricks on these replicas and even participate in fingerboarding matches every year.

Usually a tuning fork includes all the standard stuff a skateboard has, only the size is different. Most tuning forks are 3.9 inches long and 1-1.3 inches wide. And the scale ratio of the tuning fork and the skateboard is about 1: 8. In addition, it has a cover of paper, wood or plastic, bushings and trucks or interchangeable wheels that are easily customized. However, if you are looking custom tuning forks online, keep reading more.

Here are 10 ways to customize your tuning fork

While you can purchase custom tuning forks, if you’re trying to customize the tuning forks on your own or through online stores, here are ten ways to do so. You can design it instantly and receive it on your doorstep.

1. Paint trucks

You can paint the trucks of your choice and make your skateboard stand out from everyone.

  • Unscrew the top and bottom trucks
  • Polish them a little
  • And carefully paint the trucks, except the threaded part

2. Reshape the tuning fork width

Although each professional tuning fork comes in a standard size, you can still choose a width between 32 and 34 mm. And customize it by remodeling the deck with any heat source.

  • Remove the tape
  • Lightly heat the plastic on the cover
  • Fold the cover with your fingers or any tool and shape it
  • And make stitches or higher curves

3. Paint the screws / screws

Screws and paint screws are usually overlooked, so try to paint them in contrast to trucks.

  • Tie parts of the tuning fork with threads
  • Immerse them in the desired paint can

4. Redesign of the cover

Covers are like drawing boards; you can design them in almost any way. Whether it’s printing your image, the image of your favorite character, and so on. Otherwise, you just have to paint it in different colors.

  • Take a piece of sandpaper with a grinding board
  • Slightly scratch the platform to remove the printed image
  • After smoothing the cover and removing the old graphic
  • Apply acrylic paint or print a fresh image

5. Change the tuning fork wheels

If you are passionate about tuning forks and customizing them, you can easily change the wheels on your board or redesign them completely.

  • Placement of high-tech micro ball bearings to increase speed
  • Or paint the existing one and modify them with pads
  • Dye the wheels with fabric dyes and leave them for a longer period so that they have bright colors

6. Add counterpoints to the tuning fork.

These are small pieces of plastic placed under the bottom of the truck. Adding counterpoints will help increase the pop and make the tricks easier.

7. Add pivot cups

You can add pivot cups if you have a gap between the pivot (the top truck) and the main hole in the bottom truck. Not only will it improve the look, but it will create connectivity and hold the truck firmly.

  • Paint them with indifferent paints or keep them the same

8. Customize the adhesive tape

It is considered the easiest way to personalize the tuning fork and make it attractive.

  • Grab a pencil and draw any design on the flat side of the ribbon
  • Cut out the design and arrange it with different colors or patterns

9. Change the caps

Technology covers usually come with hard plastic caps that don’t allow you to do much with them. Instead, multi-colored PVC cushions add a great custom look to the tuning fork.

10. Add texts

You can even add text to the back or front of your tuning fork and make them unique in their own way.

  • Choose any text from Google or write it yourself on tape
  • Cut out the edges of the text and paste it on the covers


Hopefully, our article will be useful enough to guide you in customizing your tuning fork. However, we recommend that you consider the above guide before designing your board.

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