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Hello!! We just got back from some sort of turbulent trip to Atlanta to join my touring husband (he’s in the Twenty One Pilots support band) and see my sister’s family there. Then a trip to Nashville to visit Elsie and some other friends from the south.

Since we moved to Covid, it was very difficult to leave last fall and just say goodbye to the people, so coming back and giving a real hug and taking some of the favorite treats was very enjoyable for all of us. .

Here’s what I like most about this week!

1. You have this Santa sweater for the holidays and is super cozy and soft. Me too ordered this one in two sizes so my daughter and her little cousin can also wear matching Christmas sweaters. So handsome !!

2. We had never done pajamas that matched the family, but it seemed like a great year to do so, so I went with these!

I can even buy Lola another set of a few more sizes so she can grow in the next set and we can use them for a few years.

3. You have these boots in the color of the bones (more sizes and colors here) and I love it! I haven’t had boots with socks before this year, and they’re so comfortable (and you can put jeans on them) that I can’t do with the shape of many of my other boots.

Even as a mom, I still love a boot with a certain height, but I need a thick heel, for that style to be perfect.

4. I basically lived in different colors this sweatshirt i sport jeans last winter, so I got the green color to rest on vacation (and beyond!).

Also, that trimmed sweatshirt it’s the perfect staple for fall / winter (and it’s on sale today!). Cropped sweatshirts attached to jeans with boots are my comfortable but combined look, haha.

5. Lola was able to see her dad play a show while we were in Atlanta, and even though she was so tired (far beyond bedtime) I think it was something very special for everyone We.

It’s the first time he’s old enough to know what’s going on and remember the memory. I took a million photos and videos because it was such a special night for us.

6. Can you say that my brain is in full Christmas mode ?? I tried to get it this mat last year but I didn’t place the order on time, so I ordered it early to make sure I had gotten one. I love it!

7. Of all the ornaments I have seen so far, this roller skate i this cotton candy they are my favorites.

8. That map of the north pole It’s very nice!

9. On our trip, my friend Kate introduced me this herbal coffee with nice chocolate, and I ordered a bag the day we got home because it was so good!

Now, I like “normal” coffee during the day, but there is definitely a time cut for me where caffeine is impossible if I want to fall asleep on time, so it will be perfect for when I want a type of coffee. drink later in the day or after dinner.

The basis of the drink is chicory root (which is what they mix in the famous The coffee of the world coffee in New Orleans) and it’s also a prebiotic, so it’s good for you too!

10. Speaking of coffee, I didn’t like having to share the Santa cup I bought last year, so I make sure we have enough for everyone in my house this year! These Santa’s cups in lighter i darker skin tones they are classics.

I’m trying to wait a little longer before decorating for Christmas, as I love it so much, but I need to prepare my cinnamon roll game (it’s a Thanksgiving morning tradition as we watch the parade). This recipe for cinnamon roll overnight in small batches it is a classic.

I will miss that light sherpa jacket I wear in the photo as it gets colder, but maybe this is the winter version (and is it on sale!)? There’s a bit of snow in our weekly forecast, so maybe we’ll get into the holiday spirit here very soon! xo. Laura

PS Making an Advent calendar this year? Check out these DIY options!

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