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1. Did you know that Hilary (yes, Hilary!) Has a new FICTION book ?! It has already been ordered my copy and I can’t wait to read!

2. I want to buy a puzzle (Trey is not for sale). I guess I can do it without him, but I bet he’ll keep an eye on me and then want to get involved. Here you have it what I am thinking of buying. Too hard?

3. My niece is 12 years old this month. Va! This just happened flying, I swear I was only 3 years old. Anyway, I decided to buy her 12 gifts (just small things because I miss her and feel like 12 is a special year). I bought it. this hat, but what she doesn’t know is that I also bought one. Ha!

4. I recently ran out of my makeup base and immediately bought more. I think this is my fourth consecutive bottle, so it’s pretty loyal. I use Bare minerals (my shadow is Aspen 04).

5. I still love that white denim jacket I bought it last year. It is a basic element. (See photo above)

6. I finally bought a new iPhone. It’s been a while! In fact, I hate updating my phone, computer and car. I prefer to use them until they die completely. But anyway, we all know that the most exciting part of getting a new phone is choosing a phone case.

7. One of our bottom kitchen cabinets has a lazy Susan, and it’s basically our pantry (we don’t have a pantry, so pretty much all of our unrefrigerated food goes here) and it’s a mess. I bought these cabinet organizers and I hope to make it a little more functional soon.

8. Elsie and I did our nails before filming our holiday special last week (more info soon!). I hadn’t done my May nails, well, possibly since my wedding over 8 years ago.

We went to Mara Lazzarini at Botox & Co. and it was great. If you are looking for someone in Springfield, Missouri, send them a message.

9. Follow Mrs. Hinch on Instagram? I’m obsessed with all the “cleaning porn” (as she sometimes calls it). Ha. I bought it recently your list book and I can’t wait to start using it.

10. Jacki gave it to me this eye cream and i love it. I use it most mornings now. New favorite among all my creams. 🙂

I hope you have a relaxing weekend! xo. Emma

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