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Every man experiences a lack of clothing inspiration from time to time. Keeping interesting outfits and well-stocked closets is no easy task, and even the best-dressed gentlemen out there can occasionally find themselves caught up in a style routine.

The trick is to keep things fresh. One way to do this is to add new designers to your men’s clothing radar. We are talking about the lesser known, the direct to the consumer, the emerging and the independent. Labels that can inject a dose of something new and exciting into a stagnant closet.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite brands that you may not be familiar with yet. Including who they are, what they do best, and why they are worth introducing to your rotation.

One day in March

It may have been temporarily overshadowed by the striking colors, exaggerated details, and bulky silhouettes in conventional men’s clothing, but make no mistake: minimalism is here to stay. And leading the resistance is Swedish independent label One day in March.

With several brick-and-mortar stores already established in their homes, and one in London’s Soho district now as well, A Day’s March’s distinctive brand of stripped-down simplicity has quickly made them favorites here at Ape.

Expect well-made wardrobe staples with thin cuts and a reduced brand as standard. For a quick snapshot of what the label is all about, check out its military inspiration t-shirts. They are clean, versatile, timeless and a great example of what the Stockholm-based brand does so well.

Buy now at A Day’s March

The Strange

Most dress codes are fairly established. That being said, trying to redefine one is not a small business. However, this is exactly what British stamp The Strange has been done with his unique vision of the term “smart casual”. And with a wonderful effect.

The brand was born in 2013, with the intention of creating the perfect sweatshirt. A piece with all the best qualities of a traditional hood sweater, but impregnated with custom DNA. Literally a smart / casual hybrid.

The results speak for themselves. And now L’Estrange has expanded to include a full range of neo-smart and casual staples, including pants, shirts and T-shirts.

Buy now at L’Estrange


The first and most important step in building something beautiful is to build a solid foundation. This is true not only in architecture, but also in your closet. A reliable clothing arsenal depends largely on the selection of the basic elements that make up your spine. If these are up to par, everything else will go in place. If not, well, you’re in trouble.

Fortunately, the Stockholm-based Asket brand is all about the essentials. Since 2015, the Scandinavian label has had the mission of equipping men with the fundamental tools they need to build the perfect product. capsule cabinet.

The idea of ​​the brand is to create timeless basics that last forever, not just one season. Accompany it with high-end craftsmanship and focus on sustainability, and you’ll get one of the most stylish suppliers of stylish commodities you’ll probably find.

Buy now at ASKET


With the relaxation of the dress codes widespread in men’s clothing, sport shoes they have found a new audience. These basic sports have graduated from athletics a it is carried legitimately with the confection. However, it would not have been possible if it were not for the brands that set out to improve them.

One of these brands is ETQ., A Dutch brand specializing in this type of luxury sneakers able to complement almost any clothing combination you can imagine. Everything is thanks to a simple design, high quality materials and craftsmanship. These are the types of kicks that will turn in your favor – something you can wear for anything from a job interview to a night with great results every time.

Buy now at ETQ.

Carl Friedrik

Swedish brothers Niklas and Mattis Oppermann founded Carl Friedrik in 2012 after feeling frustrated by the lack of high-quality, well-designed leather goods they wanted to use themselves or to give to friends.

Luckily for the rest of us, they soon fixed it. Carl Friedrik’s stylish luggage is elegant, well-made and versatile. Made of the highest quality Italian leather by genuine craftsmen, the range encompasses weekends, backpacks, handbags, briefcases and even suitcases. Basically, everything you need to get your computer from point A to point B in the most attractive way possible.

Buy now from Carl Friedrik


Swedish lifestyle store Arket burst onto the scene in August 2017 with unprecedented success. Son of H&M, this minimalist street mecca offers a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle and offers stylish trinkets, good coffee and, of course, great clothes.

Here you will find well-made, clean and very fresh and Scandinavian clothes. Keep your eyes peeled to see his T-shirts and garments, but where Arket really stands out is his knitted garments. Think of fine-gauge merino wool and the right amount of containment.

Buy now at Arket

King and Tuckfield

Founded by London-based Stacey Wood in 2016, King & Tuckfield is a relatively young label that is already making waves. From day one, the men’s clothing industry has been encouraged to talk about the fact in England sidewalk denim and such clean, contemporary and great cuts that would give Acne Studios and APC a run for their money.

These are classic clothes, simple and with a great personality. Elegant pieces that somehow manage to be both subtle and statement at the same time.

The label also has friends in high places. Male model and Richard Biedul, an elegant man from the city, is a fan of it, having recently launched a shared brand collection. But for King & Tuckfield, this is just the beginning.

Buy now at King & Tuckfield


A market stall selling pantyhose t-shirts may not seem like a great starting point for a stylish men’s clothing brand, but it certainly worked for SIRPLUS.

Since 2010, the company has been a regular part of the Portobello market in London. And what started out as such a simple concept has eventually become a large-scale fashion brand.

Perhaps it would be unfair to label it as “fashion.” Because the output of the label is not controlled by trends, but a timeless style that will continue to look good and remain relevant season after season, year after year. From simple and easy t-shirts to casual shirts – They are all exemplary things made to the highest standards. Be aware of the trademark Nehru Jackets, too.

Buy now at SIRPLUS


Undoubtedly one of the most elegant beach destinations on the face of the earth, Biarritz is fresh, relaxed and full of character. It’s also the home of Atalaye – a young brand that makes some of the best clothes we’ve been lucky enough to see.

Atalaye’s swimming shorts are a perfect visual metaphor for his hometown in the Basque Country. They are elegant, relaxed, luxurious and full of personality. This is premium swimsuit which justifies its price, making it the ideal accompaniment for anything from a Polo and espadrilles on a bare, tanned torso.

Oriental-inspired prints are a common theme, so look for eye-catching designs and bright colors.

Buy now at Atalaye

Finlay London

A good pair of sunglasses it’s never a cheap purchase, but a British one glasses brand Finlay is helping to bridge the gap between quality and affordability.

Each pair of Finlay tones is meticulously crafted in the foothills of the Italian Alps, using techniques that have been passed down for generations. The best part is that they are a breath of fresh air than usual. These sunglasses have their own personality and, unlike most design alternatives, will not leave you with a hole in your wallet.

With prices starting at around £ 120, you can afford to grab a couple of pairs to get it stylish summer. Also, if you really want to make them special, you can also have them engraved with your initials.

Buy now at Finlay

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