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It is a small but powerful space that we use almost every day: ours laundry cabinets. With this small and quick and affordable laundry closet change, it’s now super organized, beautiful to look at and most importantly,… explodes in the seams with organized laundry closet ideas!

Fortunately, we have turned this into a space we love, with a lovely surprise behind the shelves and a washer and dryer.

I’ve had clothes on my brain lately and it’s no wonder why! With three young children in our house and a very busy family schedule, I work every day.

Recently, we redid ours laundry room / exercise room in our House of Sant Lluís, and we loved the results! So much so, in fact, that we have had the opportunity to upgrade the small but efficient laundry cabinet the lake.

Unlike the large laundry room we have near the bedrooms of the other house, our small house on the lake has a closet for laundry food in the kitchen space. It works great for our family.

It’s small, yes, but it fits our needs perfectly for this home. There is plenty of space to store beach towels, sunscreen, laundry detergent, the bags we use to board the boat at an earlier time and more! It is a power of laundry organization, and it’s not really a room at all!

However, no matter how efficient it was, we knew we could give it a little character and make it much more pleasing to the eye while adding a feature. We did it on a quick weekend change and I’m so excited to share it with you today.

laundry cabinet in the kitchen

Ideas for laundry cabinets

Behind these double doors is a small and unexpected secret: wallpaper. Yes, I love the wallpaper and we had a lot of fun using it all over this house.

I kept the lovely floral wallpaper in a couple of bedrooms in this house and they look fresh and very pretty. You can read more about how to decorate with Dated wallpaper here, and you can also take a tour of our modern bathroom with the most beautiful blue and white drawing paper.

In this small laundry closet, we went with a small polka dot print with a water color style, perfect for Modern coastal style of our house. It was such an affordable and efficient way to make an important statement.

It’s a lot of fun when the doors open and a total secret when they close. We love it!

laundry cabinet with partially open doors

Laundry closet

One of the most important changes to this laundry was the new one white oak floors. We did a continuous flooring throughout the kitchen, in the dining area and then in the closet. It makes the space feel bigger, brighter and much cleaner.

Can’t afford to upgrade the floor of the laundry closet? Do not you worry. See our tutorials How to paint concrete, Vinyl paint, even How to paint tiles!

rubbish from shelves and stacked washing machines and dryers in the closet

Not only was the floor upgraded! Look up and you will see this new super cute light bulb on the ceiling. It is a small detail but it adds form and function. Read more about my favorite Brass lights here.

white and gold ceiling light

One of the biggest improvements this little closet has received is a light switch. Previously, like so many cabinets, it had a rope lamp that was often installed in the cabinets to save electricity.

Fortunately, you can simply replace the bulb and add a switch without making any electricity. This allowed me to choose a light fixture that would fit into the space to add a touch of detail as well.

It’s so easy and cheap. In fact, it took me less than 3 minutes to install the light bulb and replace it. It can even be attenuated! Add a light switch without using electricity that.

Laundry organization

First step for this organizing project: new shelves! While the shelves in this space worked well for our needs, it felt tired and a bit dated. We bought a cheap shelf in a cool, bright white and added it for more storage to the left of the stackable washer and dryer.

organization of the laundry cabinet with detergent and golden tray for dryer sheets

A few more of the ideas we implemented in this beautiful and organized space:

  • Transparent detergent container
  • A new one tray for dryer sheets
  • Open baskets with overflow texture
  • Shelf with your feet to give the illusion of more space while you add storage
  • Transparent detergent container
  • A new one tray for dryer sheets
  • Open baskets with overflow texture
  • Shelf with your feet to give the illusion of more space while you add storage
shelf inside the closet with sheets and towels detergent dryer for laundry

Easier small laundry ideas

  • Add a peg
  • add baskets to store (perfect for housing garbage bags!)
  • Add a countertop on your washer and dryer
  • Add economic overlapping cabinets
  • Close it with a sliding door or curtains
  • Hang a clothesline on the door
  • Cut a space to store the basket of clothes
  • Add a lazy susan for spinning supplies
  • Add an untouched trash can
  • Make it look bigger by carrying pattern on the ceiling or using shelves with legs
girl waving her hand in the trash to open it

Laundry cabinet sources

laundry cabinet in the kitchen

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ideas for laundry cabinets in the kitchen


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